Outdoor Track









Coach: Stan Lyford

Home phone 749-2516 (preferred)

Cell phone 1-603-953-4605

Email: stanlyford@myfairpoint.net

Coach:  Mike Lyford

Cell phone 1-703-795-9106

Email: mlyford47@hotmail.com


Coach: Brian Pafford


Coach: Bill Murphy

Coach: Rick Hugener

Coach: Amy Kovick

Coach:Brad Duncan

Coach: Walt Gonzalez

Coach: Isaac Davenport



1.      Have fun

2.      Learn about Track & Field

3.      Improve

4.      Win

Foster responsibility and commitment

 Spring Track Information 2012


  1. Schedule attached
  2. Roster list attached
  3. Booster Club contact - Guy Stearns.
  4. Practice every weekday.  Attendance will be taken.  We would like advance notice if athletes can’t make practice.
  5. We expect athletes to take full responsibility for their actions.  It’s time for them to learn to be at their events on time and notify us if they need to be excused from practice.
  6. Bus policy.  We would ask parents to help us with our bus policy.  We want all athletics to ride to the meets and back on the bus.  We feel this is part of the team experience.  If you need to take your athlete somewhere, we suggest they don’t come to the meet at all.
  7. We would also ask parents help with our policy of having all athletics stay until the end of home meets.  Pits and blocks need to be put away.  Teammates are still participating.
  8. Important Meets.  Of course all meets are important for athletic development but two meets are most important.  The Boys and Girls Clipper Relays and the Class I Championship. 
  9. We are asking all the team members to be available to help with the Girls and Boys Clipper Relays.  The Relay meet will be a combined Boys/Girls meet on Thursday May 3.  We have 24-28 teams coming to the Relays and we want to put on the best possible show for PHS.
  10. Parent Help at Meets –concession stand, timers, helpers.  We need 30 people to help us run our home meets.  You don’t have to be knowledgeable, just interested.
  11. Athletics that take place outside of school.  According to state rules, school athletics take precedence over athletics that take place outside of school.
  12. Email – I am compiling a list of all athletes’ email addresses and would like to get all of the parents too.
  13. We will be posting as much as possible on our website (see below)
  14. If you received my email announcing this meeting, you are on my list.
  15. On line schedule.
  16. Qualifying standards.  Automatic and Provisional.
  17. Directathletics.com and lancertiming.com
  18. George and Phillips and Runners Alley
  19. Track availability???
  20. PHS Track Website:   https://sites.google.com/site/phstrack4lyf/
  21. Team and Parent Sweat shirt.