Welcome to the Portsmouth High School Track/XC website!

Spring Track starts 3/23 

2:45 in the Gym to start.

Dress to run.

You must have a physical on file with the school to participate at all.

See Mr. Lyford in rm 332 for questions about physicals or anything at all.

Spring Track 2015: Day One is March 23rd ! 2:45 – 4:30pm

Starts in the Gym

·       Track & Field is for everyone – there are no cuts.  Everyone gets to compete in his or her event(s). 

·       You need a physical from a doctor on file with the school to be able to participate – without one you cannot even practice.  Ask a coach if you’re not sure if you have one on file.

·       Missing practice or competitions for a club activity is not an option.  If you choose to be on the team, we ask that you are fully committed.

·       We require you to be at practice every day. If you can’t make the commitment to be at practice every day then track is not for you.

·       Track is not like any other sport – you can learn the basic technique of any event in just a few practices.  In a lot of sports you need to have played since you were a young kid – that’s not true in track.

·       You get to choose the events you want to do.  The coaches might steer you in a certain direction, but individual choice is important in track. 

·       It’s a good idea to come to the first practice in some kind of shape.  Even if you are only running 10-20 easy minutes a day in the off-season, that’s better than nothing.  If you are in good shape early in the season, both you and the team are better off.

·       Optional Conditioning Sessions: Mon through Fri 3pm-4:15pm

Old Foyer starting 3/16

·       Track is an individual and a team sport.  An individual’s personal successes also help the team.

·       Fun is important in track.  Meeting new people, improving your performances, out-running (or out-jumping or out-throwing) your competition are all more fun than you might realize.

·    Hard work really pays off in track – you get out of it what you put into it.

When does it start?

First practice is Monday, March 23rd


The Events:




100 meters

400 meters

1600 meters

200 meters

800 meters

3200 meters

4x100 meter relay

4x400 meter relay



4x800 meter relay







Shot Put

100/110 meters

Long Jump


300 meters

High Jump



Triple Jump



Pole Vault


Talk to a coach if you want to find out more about any of the events above!



Coach Lyford (The Elder)

Coach Lyford (The Younger)

Coach Pafford

Coach Betournay

Coach Gaudreau

Coach Duncan

Coach Ferguson

Coach Routhier

Coach Wentworth

Coach French

Coach Hegarty

Coach Berton

Coach Hayes

Coach Swist






*We have a new way of signing up for cross country and track.  No more paper sign ups!  The link below will provide a sign-up document.  Please fill it out so that we can have your information.