Nick Cogan: A Different Kind of Prodigy

posted Apr 16, 2012, 1:13 PM by Tiger Tales

by Emily Wacaser

We live in a suburb; he comes from the suburb of a suburb. It’s hard to find real talent in smaller towns, and if it is there it’s usually caught up in the back of a band. But a soloist with talent, skill, and passion is one in a million.

Nick Cogan is one in a million.

He has lived everywhere from San Diego to Terre Haute and back to Chrisman. He has met many and all have been blown away by his music. He has six other siblings, curly hair, and has played guitar for nearly a decade. He has a talent for writing his own songs (something not many people can do), the skill to work out his own melodies, and the connections to get them recorded.

He just came out with a four song demo which includes Colors and Juliet, his two highest played songs on both Facebook and YouTube. But they aren’t all he has to offer. You can find his music on nearly every social media and sharing site.

Though sometimes he has to say no, I rarely go anywhere with him where he not been asked to play for his friends.  Walking through the mall can get belligerent once one person realizes, “It’s that guy from Youtube!” But he still keeps his modesty, working harder every time and spending hours revising his melodies and lyrics until he thinks it’s fit to be recorded.

Spring Break: Six Flags

posted Apr 16, 2012, 1:10 PM by Tiger Tales

by Brayden Walls
View six flags.jpg in slide showSpring break happened recently and a few people went on some pretty amazing adventures. Whether it be a beach or a little park where turkeys run< haha...Anyway, most people did something that was memorable over spring break. I went to Six Flags, the theme park. A few people from my work (Dairy Queen) joined me and we had a good time. It all started at 6 a.m. with a car ride where we all almost lost our lives.

The car ride was a long four hours and pretty scary at that. Every time our car had to merge into a lot of traffic, my life would literally and mentally flash before my eyes. The scream that was emitted from my mouth was not a familiar one because it was on such a high level of frightened that it sounded like a school girl. After a lifetime on the road, we arrived at Six Flags and we parked in the Tweety Bird parking lot..this was not my decision.

In the park we road every ride. We started with the Batman, where I almost pooped my pants, and we ended with the Ninja. For every ride we were suppose to put our bag (my bag) into a locker. I was the only one who brought a bag so of course everyone shoved their stuff into my bag and put me in charge of putting away the bag. No one gave me money for a locker…so of course I threw the bag in a bush because I got no cash flow. Our bag was gone by the time we finished a two hour wait for the rollercoaster The Boss. Everyone freaked out because our car keys, along with social security cards and a lot of money was in the bag. I knew it was in the lost and found; so while everyone was freaking out and screaming “Brayden I am going to kill you,” I calmly decided to go check this lost and found…the bag was there. It was an eventful trip and a good time. My lesson was learned though--always make people give you money for a locker.

Pre-Graduation Bucket List

posted Apr 16, 2012, 1:00 PM by Tiger Tales   [ updated Apr 16, 2012, 1:01 PM ]

by Kenny Smiley

So high school graduation is approaching fast, like poison oak to the bare skin of a 2 year old child. Thus, we must find a way, not to rid of it like you would rid poison oak with ointment, but to embrace it and find a way to look forward to the lonely sad abyss that is adulthood. So, many seniors find a way to block out this sad pit in their soul by doing things like doing stupid things with people or intoxicating their body with hard drugs or alcohol. Instead of doing these things I am going to list 20 things you could do to make your life more exciting.


1.    Skydive

2.    Jump off a bridge into a lake

3.    Hook up a friend on a blind date

4.    Cook a romantic dinner for your significant other

5.    If you do not have a significant other find one, then cook a romantic dinner for them

6.    Go to prom

7.    Clean your room

8.    Get a new pet

9.    Proceed to play with your new pet

10. Ride a bike around town

11. Lift weights

12. Watch a new movie

13. Play some video games with friends

14. Play a board game with family

15. Tell every teacher that they have been a good teacher (even if they have not)

16. Go to Dairy Queen and see Brayden Walls

17. Go roller skating

18. Get a tattoo of a flower on your butt cheek

19. Tell your favorite teacher that you enjoy their class daily (if you do not have favorite teacher then find the one you like the most.)

20. Don’t Fail


If you are a senior, bored, and waiting to graduate hopefully these 20 things will help you stay out of trouble.

The Four Month Rule

posted Mar 14, 2012, 12:56 PM by Tiger Tales

by Emily Wacaser
A lot of you are doing some major spring cleaning trying to get yourself ready to head out on your own. Now isn't the best time to realize how much crap you really have.

There are plenty of rules and tips for un-cluttering your move, some being: if you didn't know you had it, you don't need it; if it takes up more space than you do, it's never going to fit anywhere you can afford; and you only need one teddy bear, time to say goodbye to the other 31.     

But there is one rule that applies to every aspect of packing for your college transition and it revolves around one simple question: have I touched this in the last four months?

When you're cleaning out your desk and the shoe boxes stacked on your bookshelves, the odds of you needing more than 10% of the stuff you find are slim. If it has had no use to you in the last four months you're probably never going to need it again. The rule also applies well when cleaning out your closet.

We have all sold things to Plato's closet and regretted it, but that was only because we didn't follow this rule. First, go through all of your winter clothes you are so eager to forget for a while and find the things you didn't wear once this year. Then sort through the rest of your clothes and find the things you forgot you had or haven't worn in over four months. Though some things are hard to part with, clothes are cause for much more clutter than you expect. And a little pocket cash from selling them most certainly won't hurt you.

Top 5 Spring Break Destinations

posted Mar 5, 2012, 1:04 PM by Tiger Tales   [ updated Mar 14, 2012, 12:55 PM ]

by Rachel Kenderdine

View Florida 2010.jpg in slide showEveryone is certainly ready for a vacation by the time spring break rolls around, and many take advantage of the time off to fit in some much-needed time away from home. Most like get away from the chill of the Midwest with a trip to the beach, but some like to switch things up. Here are just a few or the more popular of the many destinations to choose from when deciding on a spring break trip.

1.  Florida: From the Gulf Coast to the Keys to the Atlantic and in-between, Florida is a very, very popular spring break destination because of its warm weather and its notorious spring break reputation.
2.   Mexico: Even though violence in Mexico has made many wary of traveling to the country, the ever-popular Cancun remains one of the top spring break destinations.


3.   Southern California: Warm weather, stunning surf, and glamour await travelers to Southern California. Cities like San Diego and Los Angeles provide hundreds of tourist-y opportunities for those looking for more than just a good party.
4.   Tropical Islands: The clear sparkling waters of the Caribbean attract thousands of people each year. So, spring break trips to island nations like the Bahamas, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands give the opportunity to experience escape and a dash of culture.
5.   Road trip: To some, the beach just isn’t an appealing option. To those people, plenty of chances to make spring break wonderful are still available. One idea would be a road trip to different U.S. landmarks or other fun, well-known places. This way, everyone gets the chance to experience their best spring break yet.

Simple Savers

posted Mar 5, 2012, 12:58 PM by Tiger Tales

by Emily Wacaser

A Sam's Club membership seems like a hassle to get and a lot in gas to get there, but when doing the math of how much you save by buying in bulk as well as the membership discounts you can save an average of $25.00 on a weekly grocery trip. It may not seem like a lot at first glance but that is an average of $100.00 a month. Savings never take too long to add up.

If the drive still seems like a stretch to you, coupons could be your best friend. They can be found in almost any grocery store or magazine, down food isles, inside or on packages, and on the Internet. $5.00 of coupons weekly won't add up quite as fast, but they are savings none the less.  You can Google them or clip them, either way they're worth the time of day.

Comparing prices is also important. Don't just assume that the value brands are the best values. The prices are the first thing to check but afterwards you always need to check the weight in the package as well. The cheapest option could also be the lesser quantity.

But if you don't mind investing, there is a major item every wallet watcher should have: a simple four letter word, B I K E. Your car uses just as much gas simultaneously starting and stopping as it does driving a quarter of a mile, not to mention the fuel wasted idling at traffic lights and stop signs. If there is anywhere you drive in under ten minutes it is a perfectly do-able bike ride as well as a good source of exercise.

These along with the given money savers (carpooling and taking leftovers) will help you help your wallet.

Grammy Highlights

posted Feb 22, 2012, 12:50 PM by Tiger Tales

by Rachel Kenderdine

View 0218122334.jpg in slide showWith a little bit of music to suit everyone’s taste--with performances from Bruce Springsteen to Adele to the Foo Fighters to Blake Shelton--the 53rd annual Grammy awards took place on Sunday, February 11th. Here’s a look at a few of the top moments of the show.

Adele wins. Adele won all six awards for which she was nominated for her album 21. These awards included Grammy’s for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Short Form Music Video, Best Pop Solo Performance, and the big one, Album of the Year.

Adele sings. It seems that second only to the massive amount of awards she won is the fact that Adele performed for the first time in months following a vocal chord surgery.

Nicki Minaj performs. Nicki is also gaining a lot of press following her odd performance of her song, “Roman Holiday,” which centered around an exorcism and has many Catholics offended. Also, her date came dressed as the Pope, so that has somewhat added to the offense.

Whitney Houston tribute. Jennifer Hudson sang, “I Will Always Love You” to honor the late singer, who had passed away the day before and who was supposed to attend the Grammy awards.

The oldies are back. This year, Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band opened the show; Paul McCartney, who recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, performed twice; and The Beach Boys reunited with a little help from Maroon 5 and Foster the People.

Classic looks made a return. With a few exceptions (i.e. previously mentioned Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, etc., who went slightly less traditional routes in their outfits), dress shapes at this year’s awards were classy and reminiscent of the shapes of past eras, which complemented the talent that was showcased that night.

Much, much more took place on the show, so for a complete look at everything Grammy, check out www.grammy.com.




Once a fashion icon, always a global phenomena

posted Feb 2, 2012, 1:05 PM by Tiger Tales

by Emily Wacaser

Joan Rivers became an international fashion icon in her late twenties and continues to set the standard of trends and fashion alike. She has appeared on, produced, and hosted countless talk shows and various other fashion or life oriented media. You will see a sporadic article by Joan Rivers in Vogue, Women's Day, Bazaar, etc. She is currently famous for her E! TV talk show Fashion Police where she releases her anger on women who just can't get it right.

Directly to the left of Joan in the Fashion Police Studio is Kelly Osbourne. Kelly was once known as Ozzy's daughter and would be seen hiding behind her mother on the red carpet. But Kelly is never too modest to talk about her transformation from "daf frump" to "modestly chic". From 2010-2011 Kelly appeared on over 30 magazine covers and sat through numerous interviews to share her secrets to health and beauty.

But the classic and the re-vamped aren't the only fashion icons on the big screen and tabloid market today. Many are just a hop and skip across the pond. Alexa Chung began as a young British MTV host with the camera focusing more on her huge smile and slender form than what she put on it. But Alexa had a talent all her own and she was only waiting for the opportunity. She began her career in fashion journalism by breaking onto the red carpet in risqué ensembles by MiuMiu and Alexander Wang. Once she was noticed she launched a fashion blog to get her writing out there. Now she is an international success, Vogue journalist, and celebrity blogger.

When an icon comes around they are hard to ignore and impossible to forget. Whether they are known for their slander, transformation, or just plain natural talent; we all thrive on them. If Jennifer Lopez hadn't worn bedazzled jeans in 2002, the Buckle wouldn't be selling them now.

Superficial ways to play Saints Row

posted Jan 26, 2012, 1:10 PM by Tiger Tales

by Brayden Walls
View weird children.png in slide showNow that I have told you about what the day consists of when playing Saints Row, I will now tell you about different ways to play Saints Row and other different things you can do to cheat in the game. Are you ready? Now shift your eyes to the line below this because that is where I begin to describe more about the game ↓.
Once you have inserted the game and pushed the start button, the game will start! A loading screen will pop up along with some serious gangsta music! After a good 2 minutes of waiting the game will finally pop up and you can begin to play. After a good amount of time of playing this game, you will eventually become very bored. Therefore you must act upon this feeling
Pause the game and then pull up gamewinners.com on your Iphone. If you do not have an
Iphone then I am sorry; you will have to use your regular smart phone, or some regular computer. On Game Winners you can look up a million different cheats (maybe that’s a little over-exaggerated). One of the best cheats is FREE MONEY. Every time you enter this cheat you automatically get 1000 dollars. This makes the game a lot more fun. Now that your character has money he/she can buy more weapons and fix up all of your cars. Everyone knows that money can buy happiness!

Give Paula Deen a chance

posted Jan 26, 2012, 1:06 PM by Tiger Tales

by Rachel Kenderdine

If anyone knows the joys (and the pitfalls) of southern cooking, it’s Paula Deen.


With her lilting Georgia accent and maternal manner, Paula has been charming viewers of the Food Network since she first premiered there nearly ten years ago. Her television adventure began after opening a restaurant in Savannah called “The Lady and Sons,” where her tradition for home cooking first became famous.


Yet, this home cooking has received a lot of flak stemming from her extensive use of unhealthy ingredients, such as butter and sugar. People have cooked that way for years, but she receives a lot of backlash because she chooses to showcase it on TV. Recently, Paula announced that she has type-2 diabetes, a condition oftentimes resulting from an unhealthy diet. This has only garnered her more negative attention from those who believe her to be a hypocrite for continuing to promote such unhealthy foods.


I, on the other hand, really enjoy Paula Deen’s food, and I like watching her cook. Yes, her recipes are sometimes ridiculously full of butter, but she seems like someone you would want to spend time in the kitchen with. And honestly, her food is delicious.


My favorite Deen recipe is, without a doubt, Gooey Butter Cake, My mom is in love with it, and my next-door neighbor makes an amazing version. It’s sweet and heavy and completely everything one would look for in a Southern snack; and that’s the classic Paula Deen food.


So basically, I think people should give Paula Deen a chance. Even if they don’t enjoy her ingredients, they would probably enjoy her personality.


Image courtesy of Food Network.

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