Softball: What it takes to win the game
by Kylee Henson

Well we all know that softball is one of the last sports anyone can play at the school. Being a senior and playing the sport that I love is heartbreaking knowing that it is the last time that I will play it. Softball is coming up and is right around the corner. Try-outs were held on Monday, February 27, 2012 after school for anyone who has a passion for softball, playing the sport, and being a team player. You have nine players on the field and have seven innings to show the other team what you have.

Steps to win the game

1. When you are a pitcher you always want to get ahead in the count and eventually strike them out and sit them on the bench.

2. The infield needs to watch runners at all times especially when they are stealing bases.

3. Watch the bunters or slap hitters because they are quick and sneaky.

4. Don’t try to attempt to get someone out when you have no chance of the ball getting there.

5. Try your hardest not to over-throw the ball to give the runners an extra base.

6. Stay positive—just because you have bad inning doesn’t mean you can’t win the game.

7. Be an aggressive base runner. It will affect the infield and outfield greatly to help get bases.

8. Always watch your coaches for signals they will help greatly.

9. Always swing if you have two strikes, if it looks good. No matter what you can advance your runners or get the drop third strike.

10. Play with your heart, it helps everyone in the long run of the game.