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One Last Shot

She proudly adorns her warrior armor, leading the coalition:
one last stand
Emerging from the spirited chamber, traversing the narrow corridor:
one last march
She firmly steps onto the hallowed ground that has been her stage:
one last act
Anxiously sprinting into the arena to the thundering chants:
one last rehearsal
She vividly remembers the sacrifices -- night after night -- year after year:
one last devotion
Reaching down to palm the beckoning orange, leather sphere:
one last touch
She carefully sends it on its parabolic ascent into the awaiting nylon cords:
one last shot
Channeling her fear, suppressing her pain, escaping her reality:
one last dream
She feels the bouncing of the ball keep time with the beating of her heart:
one last familiarity
Hearing the blare of the horn and the piercing of the whistle:
one last invitation
She reluctantly turns, towel draped on shoulder, to face the followers:
one last glance
Loving the moment as tears streak down, mingling with the perspiration:
one last sigh
She joins her comrades with hands together, hearts embraced:
one last reunion
Wishing desperately to suspend the hands of time: 
one last rival
She readies herself and those among her for the final curtain call:
one last goal