The Ponderosa Music Boosters is an organization of parents with students who are current of former participants in the music programs at Ponderosa High School. The primary purpose of the Music Boosters is to help provide financial, logistical, and moral support in a balanced fashion for all of these programs and the students who are participating in them. 

Without the Boosters organization, the competitive band program would not exist since the District does not fund the music program adequately. An equally important purpose is to provide enthusiastic support for the kids and their performances. This ranges from sitting in the stands cheering for them to jobs such as helping move instruments on the field for performances, riding the bus as a chaperone, making sure the kids are fed, heading up fundraisers, driving the truck, etc etc etc! Most of all it involves having fun and encouraging the kids. 

Booster funds pay for buses to transport the band to games and competitions, meals for students, uniforms, section instructors to assist Mr.Phalen, props for shows, instruments, instrument repair, our truck to haul instruments and equipment, scholarships for graduating seniors, and much more. The Booster organization is comprised entirely of volunteers, there are no Booster employees. 

The Ponderosa Music Boosters Club, Inc. is a Colorado corporation, and is considered a 501(c)3 organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Payments made to the Boosters may or may not be tax deductible for parents if their student receives benefits such as transportation, meals, instruction, etc. Each family should consult their tax advisor for a determination. Contributions to the Boosters from companies in the community and individuals without students in the program are generally tax deductible. Many companies have matching fund programs that will match employee contributions to 501(c)3 organizations. If your employer has such a program, please consider making a contribution to the Music Boosters through that program.

What can parents do to support the Music Department and the Boosters? Get involved! Sign up for a committee depending on how much time you can devote. Some committees are active only for a few weeks to support a specific event, some are active for the entire school season. The more parent involvement we have, the better the program becomes. Besides as a booster you get to know other band parents, you get to know the band students your kids are hanging out with, and you will find that they are all terrific people!

Parents are encouraged to attend games and competitions to cheer on the band. If you watch what these students are doing, you will be amazed at what they accomplish together.

Music Booster Board

Beth Peterson:

Amy Wilson

Ruth Ann Whitlock

Sue Vendegna (Treasurer) :


Email is the primary means of communications between the Music Department Staff, Boosters, Parents and Students. We create email lists for each music group, as well as one large email list for combined music communication. To make sure your name is on our master email list please contact:

Beth Peterson:

We also have a PHS Music group on Facebook, come follow the discussion, post pics and get the most up to date information.

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