2015 Operational Plan

Current Initiatives:
·         Webinars of various topics

·         EPAC program evaluation of EPAC mentoring programs available to PHS officers (PAC chair and CPO to review)

·         EPAC mentoring event at COF training symposium

·         Webpage updates (transfer from Google site to HHS Content Management System)

·         Improve guidance for IAP/IDP template – specific for engineers (place guidance directly on the mentoring form and provide a sample form.

·         Topics for burst messages (newsletter, announcements from the chief engineer)

·         Body of knowledge (slides and study book, update mentoring section in the engineers handbook)

·         Mentoring subcommittee will individually contact all new call-to-active-duty engineers in 2014 and offer to pair with an engineering mentor.

·         Recognition of participants for 2014 IAP/IDP