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Individual Action Plan / Individual Development Plan (IAP/IDP)

Mentoring can be considered a project.  The learner is the manager and the advisor is a team member.  The most important deliverable is a documented Individual Action Plan  / Individual Development Plan (IAP/IDP).  The advisor (as a subject material expert) provides guidance to the learner with respect to what elements should be listed in the IAP/IDP and  designating the element as short term (1-3 years) or long term (5-20 years).  Each element would be categorized as professional, leadership or career development.  The advisor will also assist the learner with various methods that could assess the learn's competency.

===> Please use the attached template (at the bottom of this page).<===

Goals and Plans

Goals Should Be: "SMART"
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable/Action Oriented
  • Relevant/Reachable
  • Time-Bound
Along with establishing a goal the Learner-Advisor team will need to develop an action plan to reach the goal. 

Plans Should Be:
  • Realistic and attainable
  • Concrete and measurable
  • Expressed in definite time segments
  • Flexible, allow for unexpected
  • Written and committed to
Career goals are overall goals reached by accomplishing a series of achievable intermediate goals called benchmarks.  Benchmarks provide order and direction for your energies and tell you where have been and where your are going.

Document your goals plus how and when they will realistically be achieved

Below are resources available on the web.

Department of Defense

US Coast Guard

HHS Center for Desease Control and Prevention 

Department of Commerce

Department of Defense 

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