What can a mentor (advisor) offer?

A mentor can offer information about:

• A new field or occupation that interests you 
• How the system works, both formally and informally 
• Training that is available and how to get it 
• The culture and values of the organizations you work for 
• Their experience integrating work and personal goals 
• Organizational history 
• The broader perspective on priorities and how things fit together

A mentor can offer contact with:

• Individuals inside a group you want to work for 
• Individuals in a particular field 
• Professional organizations 
• Books and other printed resources 
• People who share your interests and concerns

A mentor can offer support in:

• Coaching you to develop goals and improve your performance 
• Strategizing about how to promote yourself and your goals 
• Advising impartially about problem situations 
• Counseling you about different options to pursue 
• Encouraging you to persist and set realistic goals 
• Giving you feedback about how you come across 
• Criticizing constructively your goals and ethics 
• Identifying opportunities for visibility when appropriate 
• Providing a role model