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Creative Journal Entries

Journal requirements:  1 to 1 1/2 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt Times New Roman, your name and date. Journals will be graded with the 6 trait rubric.

Most Common Writing Errors:  Refer to this when writing for projects or assignments.

Here are some topics, ideas, activities to choose from (or you may create your own): You may use one or more per entry.

1. Describe an experience you (or someone else you know) had that was like the experience of a character in the book.

2. Explain how a character in the book changed or is starting to change in the section you are responding to.

3. Explain why you would like to have one of the characters as a friend.

4. Create a diagram showing the setting of the story. (I’m marking for detail and accuracy not drawing talent!)

5. Sketch a scene in the book depicting a part of the plot (link) and explain why you chose to draw this scene.

6. Describe a feeling or emotion that you experienced as you were reading this section and what caused this feeling.

7. Write your opinion to a character’s action or reaction. What would you have done?

8. Write about a connection to another book you have read (think of similar characters, plots, settings and themes.

9. Write down a quote or passage that appeals to you. Describe why.

10. Write down three or four descriptive sentences that appeal to you and explain why.

11. Make a prediction of what is going to happen next.

12. Give your opinion of the author’s writing style? What images captured your interest? How did the author create suspense?

Credit:  http://www.sd67.bc.ca/teachers/jreeder/docs/novel%20Study%20Assignments_nav.htm