Alternative Greek Week 2008

Saturday, March 29-Saturday, April 5

The competing teams of Alternative Greek Week 2008:

Phi Sigma Pi- National Co-Ed Honors Fraternity
Delta Phi Epsilon- Foreign Service Sorority
Alpha Phi Omega- National Community Service Fraternity
Epsilon Sigma Alpha- National Community Service Sorority
Alpha Kappa Psi- Professional Business Fraternity
Delta Sigma Pi- Professional Business Fraternity
Alpha Chi Sigma- National Chemistry Fraternity

Events held as part of the "Around the World" theme:

Olympics: a Field Day games event
Amazing Race: an Embassy Scavenger Hunt
World Cup: a Soccer tournament
Where in the World Is: a Jeopardy-style quiz night
East Meets West: an Iron-Chef-style cooking competition
World Tour: a PS2 Rock Band singing competition
Club Night: a charity club night fundraiser at Japone
MS Walk: a service event
Awards Luncheon: to honor participants, distribute paper plate awards, and award the cup and check

Over the first 6 days of AGW08, the Penny War competition raised $742.14.

The Club Night fundraiser raised over $2500.

The AGW chairs contriubted $1500 to the MS Foundation for our participation in the MS Walk.

Phi Sigma Pi was the winning team and contributed $1100 to their national philanthropy, Teach for America, an organization dedicated to eliminating educational inequality in the public school system by recruiting college graduates to teach across the nation for 2 years.

AGW 2008