Rock N' Robots FIRST Team 3692

We are the Rock County Robotics Club, FIRST Robotics Team 3692.  We are comprised of students from Parker, Craig, Milton, Clinton High Schools, in Rock County Wisconsin.  We participate in an educational and exciting robotics program sponsored by FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to prepare today's youth with real world job skills involving leadership, project planning, engineering, rapid design, technology, programing, robotics, and teamwork.  We shall do this in a fun competitive and educational environment.  We will provide our youth with new challenges in real world situations.  Our youth should gain experience working with mentors in developing new skills and utilizing problem solving techniques to find solutions to complex                                                      problems.

About Us:

2011 Robot that was made this year was an inner tube hanger called the "Tower of Power."
2012 Second year was a basketball shooter called "Swish".
2013 Third  year was a Frisbee launcher called "Sylvester".
2014 Fourth year is a exercise catapult called "Helga".

2015 Fifth robot stakes totes is called "Barb" after one of our cooks that lost her life to Cancer.

2016 Sixth robot rolls over a medieval land and is called "Junior" 

2017 Seventh robot hangs with the best and is called "Pac-man"

2018 Eight robot hits the center target called "Shooter".

2019 Ninth robot ?

Sponsors 2018-19
   Prent Corporation
    School District of Janesville
     Jay's Big Roll
    Werner Electric Supply
    Rockwell Automation

    Minuteman Press
    Kisting Plumbing
    Pierson Products
    Clinton Aluminum