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Welcome to the Pickens High School Counseling website.  We hope the information provided here will be of assistance. We have attempted to provide you with information that will assist with any questions that you may have but feel free to contact us if we have overlooked anything.  Counselors at Pickens High School are dedicated to ensuring that student's have access to the information that will make them successful not only in high school but with their post-secondary plans as well.

**We don’t endorse any of these sites, they are provided to you as sources of information.  With many of these sites, they are going to require some personal information.  Best bet is to create an additional email account to use solely for scholarship searches. The email should be professional where you avoid your typical email titles like “FoxyMomma”!!


Mr. Bond 
Grades 10-12
Last Na
mes A-F & P-SH

Mr. Sullivan
Grades 10-12
Last Names G-O & SI-Z

Ms. Jorgensen
Email:  Meridithjorgensen@pickenscountyschools.org
9th Grade Counselor

Maxie VanSant