The information below is a vital link in the multi-step registration process. First both you and your parent/guardian must review and sign the Academics Expecations and Program Contract As part of the PAH program you will be expected to fulfill the enrichment expectations below for your arts area.  These are fun community building and artistically inspirational activities.  Then review the PAH pathways document below to make sure you are enrolling in the proper classes.  Next fill out the registration form. You MUST put in this form what you plan to register for in Infinite Campus, and then you MUST register for those classes. If you change your mind, you MUST email Kim Anderson. The MUSTs are there to ensure that we can help you get the classes you want and need to reach your goals as part of the PAH program and beyond. 

PAH pathways and course recommendations

PAH visual arts enrichment expectations

PAH vocal music enrichment expectations

PAH vocal music point sheet

PAH instrumental music enrichment expectations

PAH theatre enrichment expectations

PAH journalism enrichment expectations