Faculty Honor Roll

Honoring Those Who Make a Difference in the Lives of Plant High Students!


The AF Faculty Honor Roll is your opportunity to honor PHS teachers, administrators, staff members, club sponsors, coaches, and counselors with a donation to the Plant High School Academic Foundation. 

How it works:

 1.  Make a donation to the Plant High School Academic Foundation. 

 2.  Identify those who make a difference in your student’s life and whom you wish to recognize with your gift by completing the attached form.

 3.  The Academic Foundation will send your honoree(s) a personal Faculty Honor Roll card indicating a donation was made in their honor.  The amount of your donation will not be disclosed.

 4.  All donors will receive a thank you letter which may be used for tax purposes.

 5.  Your donation will allow the AF to fund teacher grants, benefitting 100% of Plant students, for additional classroom materials including computer software, novels, reading materials, test booklets, laptop computers, printers, ELMOs, AP conference and other teacher training expenses. 

Please print the form below and return it with your donation.