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The quality of our brochure highlighted the character of our preparation




The events of a 50 year horizon  which found its climax

on 30 April 05 were captured in our Golden Anniversary Yearbook. Jake Espino edited it. All efforts were exerted by our association in making it something to cherish for all time. Below are the FORWARD & EDITORIAL. Featured likewise in this website, are all articles and other materials related to our Golden Anniversary Celebration.



We would like to consider this Golden Anniversary Yearbook and Directory as a class album of the Pampanga High School Class 55.

As class album, it is made up of images and some words coming from the members of Class 55.

And as we peruse at the class album, we want to see and relate to our classmates and places and look back to the past 50 years and gauge more or less how far have we gone in our quest for a better life and the contribution we have had, no matter how small it may be, for the welfare of our country and people.

The pictures and articles in this class album are rich source of memories that would certainly transport our thoughts to the memory lane and recall the happy moments anecdotes about classmates and teachers and even unwholesome experiences during our carefree high school days.

This class album is not an ordinary yearbook. It is not only a class directory where the names and addresses and telephone numbers of our classmates are written, but more importantly, it is a unifying factor that would make it easier for us to contract one another to keep the spirit of the PHS Class 55 ever aflame.

But more than anything else, we would like to think that this Golden Anniversary Yearbook and Class Directory is a precious souvenir item which we must treasure and keep for the rest of our lives.


Fifty years or half a century ago, members of Class 55 bade goodbye to our dear, old but proud Pampanga High School and to our beloved teachers who patiently and unselfishly gave much of their time and efforts to equip us with the necessary tools to overcome challenges that may confront us in our quest for a better future.

We can say with utmost modesty that such efforts of our mentors were not in vain after all because many of the members of Class 55 have attained prominence and success in their respective fields of endeavor.

We are happy and proud that we have doctors, lawyers, accountants, scientist, nurses, teachers, military men, bankers, businessmen, and in other professions who have brought honor not only to themselves but also to the members of Class 55 in particular and the country as a whole.

After 50 long years of struggle, carving our respective niches in the world, it is such a beautiful and wonderful moment to be home again. We are back to the portals and halls of our dear PHS where we once enjoyed our care-free moments together, or diligently crammed thru our books for examinations.

But above all, nothing can compare with the joy, thrill and gladness that will overwhelm us when we meet old friends and classmates and teachers who have survived the 50 years since our graduation from the PHS. Indeed, this Golden Jubilee celebration is an occasion for us to renew old friendship and reminisce old memories.

Yes, our Golden Jubilee celebration is a brief one-day reunion. But let’s make the most of it. Enjoy the reunion to the fullest and make it another memorable occasion to remember.

Let us all hope and pray and keep faith in God Almighty that all of us surviving members of PHS Class 55 will have more years of life and that we may have more reunions to come.

Letter send by President Orling Santiago to all 55'ers

City of San Fernando, Pampanga


Dear Classmates:

When was the last time that you shook the hand of another Pampanga High School '55er? Whether it be a year ago or in1955, you will have a grand time meeting a lot of our classmates again during the golden anniversary of our graduation on April 30, 2005 right at the place where we graduated - the Pampanga High School.

We will craft. for you an interesting and exciting program to assure that your attendance will be an experience never to be forgotten.

Mark the date (April 30, 2005) and be sure to be there. Remember, your presence will be your most valuable contribution to a successful celebration of the Parnpanga High School 1955 Golden Anniversary

See you there! .

A constant reminder of the important date

Important date to remember:
PHS 55 Golden Anniversary Celebration – 30 April 2005 . Contact

What was done in terms of preliminary Activities?

27 November 04 – A meeting was be held in Tagaytay City to discuss our Golden Anniversary Celebration. Emil Gozum hosted it.

4 December 04 – Our Christmas party was held in San Fernando. The occasion was used to generate interest in our Golden Jubilee Celebration.

20 January 04 –
Golf Tournament. The venue was Mimosa Golf & Country Club. Friends were invited to join. Emil Gozum & Mars Pineda coordinated the affair. It was a fund raising project for the our Golden Anniversary Celegration.

More activities were discussed and planned  for the big day on 30 April 05

Olive L. Perez wrote this article and was uploaded in our website


By: Eva Olivia L. Perez


Who says you can’t go home again?

A couple of years ago I retired after working for over 20 years in a city at the crossroad of the world. Yes, I lived and worked in New York City and the so-called tri-state area (N.Y./New Jersey/Connecticut) for over two decades.

The big question came like a flash of lightning – where do I retire? Where do I spend the rest of my life?

I am a ’55 high school alumna who has very few memories of high school or of life before that. In fact, when I got hold of a souvenir Program where my name and section were listed, I could not find myself in the class photo. Nor could anybody I showed it to.

I was a virtual non-entity in high school. I don’t remember having any friends, or attending “jam sessions” or Junior-Senior proms. What I remember is going to classes perfunctorily and playing “jack stones” by myself.

In retrospect, I think I was not exactly anti-social – just young and naïve. In fact, I just got confirmation that I was the youngest of our batch that year. Still, I managed to go to college, which was also uneventful, and graduated with a degree in Journalism. Much later, I proceeded to get a Law Degree and managed to pass the Philippine Bar that same year.

When I went abroad in 1979, I felt like I had been “thrown to the lions”, in a manner of speaking, in a foreign country. And I had no choice but to grow up.

I’ve always said that I was born in America. Not literally, of course, since I was born and raised in the Philippines and my core values were formed right here in Pampanga. But I learned everything I know about life – from mortgages to investments to personal issues like health, retirement, and quality of life – in America. I learned to coexist with different peoples and races and to appreciate different cultures in the melting pot that is the U.S. of A. It’s like enrolling in the University of Life. And finishing with flying colors!

When I decided to take an early retirement, I thought I could just stay put since I was “set for life”. No such luck. On the contrary, I felt a gnawing feeling of longing for my roots.

I decided to study the feasibility of going back to my roots. For a few years, I came and went, always aware of the admonition that “you can’t go home again”.

But being single and unattached, most of my family still live or have come back to the country. Every time I came for a visit a maelstrom of emotions overcame me. Homesickness. Triumph. Humility. Gratefulness. Not to mention happiness. All the great wonders I have seen around the world never evoked such emotions in me. Surely, there’s something here worth coming back to.

So, against all odds, I decided to build myself a home here and started to divide the year between the two countries and two cultures that shaped me.

It worked. Now I feel I’m not loosing out on anything. I’m having a blast. What’s more, I feel that I’ve come home.



Pat Binuya likewise contributed this article and also uploaded in our website

The Best Is Yet To Come:

Pat Binuya

When I filled up the Class 55 registration sheet, Esto Pineda wrote me back saying, Pat give us more information about yourself. We would like to put it on the web I think my career caught his attention because it sounds unusual, Technical Adviser Nuclear Power Plant Operation.
Two years ago when I retired after 23 years in the Nuclear Power Industry and 16 years in Electrical Distribution, I decided then that I will switch career; from Electric Power Generation to Church and Community services.  My current activities include:

  • Delivering hot meals to the homebound on Fridays thru Meals on Wheels,
  • Feeding the poor and the hungry on Saturdays at Manna House,
  • Writing Sunday Messages (homilies) for Family and Friends on Sundays,
  • Perpetual Adoration on Mondays and Saturdays

My senior year in high school is full of fond memories and unrealized dreams. Parang kahapon lamang. Tandang tanda ko pa noon. I knew then as I know now that, first love never dies. It does not even fade away. I wanted to excel in class to catch her attention. I did not want Saturdays and Sundays to come because I miss seeing her. To her I am just a friend. That”s all I have ever been. No, she don’t know me. Afraid and shy, I let my chance go by, the chance that she may have loved me too.
On graduation day my Dad said, Child, just by reaching as high as you have, you have become a star yourself. Be proud to be a star. But don’t be too proud for too long. This day will end soon. Tomorrow, you will wake up to the world. And the world won’t be calling you a star anymore. Instead, it will be asking; it will be asking for more. That is what being a star is all about. To be a star is to be asked for more.
Those words were true then as they are true now. I feel I have done well in my career but I am yet to do my best. I have worked hard, but I have yet to work my hardest. The Best is yet to come. Our final goal is to reach Paradise.
What does the future holds for me? The best way to predict the future is to create it. Indeed, we have an opportunity to preserve this earth, sustain its growth, power our economies, keep our air and water clean, raise the standard of living worldwide and bring prosperity to those who have never known it. Nuclear energy offers us the superb opportunity to meet these lofty goals. Nuclear energy is an imperative power source for our world today and for many tomorrows. Of the 33 power reactors currently under construction, 20 are in Asia. In other regions, the more immediate focus is on power upgrades, restarts of previously shutdown reactors and license extensions.
Retirement is a time to bring from the past all that is right and good, to give to the future the best that we have to offer. It also becomes a time to remake one’s soul, to interiorize(internalize), to meditate and begin a cram course for the final exam.
Classmates, thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I know that for many of us, Church and Community service is another part of our daily activities, but our Day of Service is a chance to say that I’m a volunteer that takes pride in serving the community.


Conrado S. Pineda did the same

I Could Hardly Wait for April 30,2005

by: Conrado S. Pineda

It is with feeling of utmost enthusiasm and jubilation to congratulate all my classmates Batch ’55 as we plan to gather together on April 30,2005 in celebration of our “GOLDEN JUBILEE” - - 50 th golden years of our life’s struggle.

Our theme “MULI TAMU” is a very fitting adage, which means “COMING BACK HOME”. After years of continues search for our growth and development, we will be back home!!! Looking back after 50 years of fruitful endeavors, I will still recognize the youthfulness of everyone, the innate aggressiveness and thirst for success to realized our dreams. The determination to create a meaningful life and leave our own marks in this world. Truly such sincerity to fulfill our goals paved our way to reach for our individual stars in the sky. I can still remember those days, when we tried to outshine one another in every activity, only to find ourselves more united, more attached to each other, forward looking and pro-active. It is very clearly etched in my memory how we entice one another to work as one as we grab every opportunities to show our talents and abilities. “MULI TAMU” really depicts our ideals of collective decision making, serving and giving ourselves to the best interest of our members.

This will be the time to enjoy those memories again. I am very pleased to be with all of you at the peak of our success! Let’s affirm our continuous commitments and reinforce our will to be of service to our fellow thru the PHS CLASS 55 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, INC.! Let us move onward to a new era of enlightenment, so that we are able to share our glorious past to the new generation and fill in the gaps that set us apart from them.

Congratulations and more power!!! I salute our President, Board of Directors, Chairpersons and Committee Members for the effort of bringing all of us again in this significant REUNION.



Ruben C. Pineda also wrote an article on the coming Golden Jubilee


Ruben C. Pineda


This is an article of a 55’ver from Virginia, USA. His memories of his high school days appears to have left an indelible mark in his consciousness. The people are vividly portrayed, events so eloquently described and feelings fondly expressed. Only a die-hard ’55 er is capable of feeling this way.  (Secretariat)


Fare ye well, my Alma Mater,
Dear teachers, farewell you'll hear;
Our last days have come to lead us far,
Far away from thee my love.
Onward we go to distant isles,
In quest of fuller life of hope;
Let me sing this last refrain,
To check these tears of joy and pain.
I hear thee call,
I will be gone...
Farewell to all.

We are the graduates of the Class of ’55, and this was our graduation song. The simple words and melody, composed by music teacher Mr. Gonzalo G. Ocampo, still has meaning.

Our beloved Alma Mater Pampanga High School (PHS) and its teachers have given us (graduates) many memories to contemplate as students. Though the end of the 1955 school year was a heavy and bittersweet parting, we continue to regard our school years in high esteem.

These memories began to take shape in those early days before the sixth-grade graduates left their intermediate schools in 1951. "My Heart Cries for You” was heartily hummed. The "Loveliest Night of the Year” was played during that night of graduation, foreshadowing the imminent new challenge, a rite of passage into higher education and learning...Welcome to Pampanga High School.

There were students who were fortunate to have visited the high school premises during the two-month summer vacation before class registration. Tall grasses blanketed the landscape; the unattended sweet violets and other flowering plants were in full bloom, surrounded by weeds waiting to be cared for. Further back from the building and huts were vegetable plants drying in the sun and neglected fowls and chicken running wild. What a sight to visit the "Mockin’ Bird Hill"! And, oh, the scent of the afternoon breeze whirled around and under the narra tree, one of the prominent places our memories were born.

At the start of the class season, a swarm of more than 1100 enrollees showed up for registration with the anticipation of higher challenges and great expectations of meeting new and fresh faces of both classmates and teachers. The class, packed-full of students of different ages, was the then-largest enrollment ever in the post-war history of the PHS.

Over the next four years, the class carried on through ups and downs and trying times, but found itself more prepared for future endeavors as the generation gained a leaner and fuller life.

“Remember When”…

First order of the day: Mr. Fajardo, one of the vocational courses teachers, standing tall of a Texan height and built and sporting a large rectangular belt buckle inscribed with NU (National University), corralled students and non-students alike to cut the tufted, grassy field to make way for the playground. All enthusiastically participated and did their share.

Mr. Malang, whose charisma could fill a room without saying a word, silently listening to Mr. Gantioque along with Mr. Rivera instructing the class on how duroc jerseys to multiply in the horticulture, poultry and swine department.

One day, Ms. Mary Dimalanta (English Literature) sent a couple of students to the library to look up the meaning of a word. In the hallway, Principal Jose Reyes asked them where they were going during class hours, so they explained their assignment. The principal gave them the meaning of the word and the students returned to class.

The class did not have a dictionary. During the first half of the ‘50s after liberation, books were scarce and the publishing houses were behind in printing. Even the Goodwill Book Store was not well stocked of books and other reading materials. Thanks to Emil (Miling) Gozun for his generosity by “sincerely” sharing his books with others; I for one appreciate it. “Little Things Mean a Lot.”

Ms. Dimalanta had a perfectly round golf ball-sized pebble that she used to call the class to attention. She never did toss it to anyone found sleeping.

Ms. Arce’s version of commanding students’ attention was by snapping her fingers, otherwise be prepared!

Protacio and myself, and others, walked toward the Quonset huts wearing silver dime-decorated moccasins and Rory Calhoun belt buckles at the back of our trousers. We met up with Doet and her company sporting ponytails, wearing the current fashion of poodle skirts, balloon shoulder pads, bobby socks and black-and-white canvas sneakers. Patti’s “Tennessee Waltz” was barely, but noticeably, audible, playing in the distance somewhere.

Mr. Cabrera (Calisthenics) had just come back from the States. One sweltering day he was seen fanning himself with a heart shaped nipa fan and said, “Pull up those things, it’s too hot,” meaning the girls wearing balloon bloomers should pull them up just above the knees. Afterward, the girls rushed to the perennial well at the inner court to get a sip of water to quench their thirst. There came Ben Bascara, as always, mooching for a quartered piece of paper for a drinking cup or for a daily quiz, according to Fending Fausto, the not-so-great joker of his time.

The Student Canteen along the boulevard was waited by the owner, Lita Pasion, and frequented during recess and after the PMT drills and formation. A jukebox was in the corner of the ice cream parlor where Nat’s “Unforgettable” was playing.

At the Retail Merchandizing, under the watchful eyes of Mr. Musngi, Amelia Supan was making and selling expensive 10-centavo sandwiches made of a beef and potato mix. A good practice in doing business and accounting procedure.

Beneath the school on the “ground” floor, adjacent to Mr. P. Quizon’s Art Appreciation class where Marciano David was a top-notched artist, the aroma of lunches wrapped with banana leaves was so inviting. “Zing, zing, zoom, zoom, my little heart goes boom.”

After a lunch, Pat Guevara, Nick Navarro, and I were seated side-by-side along a bench-type table upstairs in the Biology class headed by Ms. Mercedes Bondoc. Everyone wondered who will be asked to recite the homework first. Everyone’s eyes were on her and her exquisite, cute dimpled smile. Tony Roxas always had the favors. “If I Give My Heart to You, Will You Handle It with Care?”

Mr. Negro Monte Mario, oops… Mario and Apung Disio were acting as mail carriers while making the place spic and span.

Apu, with her husband Sr. Soriano, came along and greeted the class with “Buenos Dias”, and she recited the Ultima Adios in perfect Spanish, before their upcoming retirements.

Our appreciation goes to Tet (Alex) Alejandro for crafting the wooden rifles of Ruben Pineda and Antero Baluyut, used for the PMT under MJP Junior.

One August afternoon, Linda, the school beauty, drenched under the rain, was wading in knee-deep water. “I’m Walking Behind You,” and offered her an umbrella, but she refused it and said, “She’ll Walk Alone,” enjoying the splash of water.

Kiko Dizon’s trademark was a brownish Esterbrook pen, with a rectangular tip caused by over-usage. It somehow lasted for almost three years. I had one, and both our pens had our names inscribed on them.

Ms. Cuyugan (Math), told Arquilao Cortez, the class mathematician, to stay behind to teach her next incoming class.

Ms Dimalanta was always hosting afternoon coffee and San Nicolas. I was asked to buy the bread in Angeles, because Apung Gari did not carry the delicacy.

A month before graduation, Governor Rafael Lazatin was getting a haircut, and he told my father there was a clerical position opening at the Capitol for me. I was not proficient in typing and shorthand like Tony Roxas. So I took a refresher in typing and stenography at the Pampanga Secretarial School, owned by Justice, a ‘55er and Cicero, a Class ’54 who became the Provincial Vice Governor. Some of the students at the PSS were ‘55ers.

After completing the two-month accelerated courses, Mr. Esmong Punzalan hired me to teach instead. I taught typewriting and stenography for a year at the PSS and left for college in Manila in pursuit of business courses, majoring in Accounting.

High school life is the most memorable chapter among the higher fields of education; it is a place where everyone stayed together for four long years.

Now is the time to reminisce with the “Moments to Remember,” the memories of long bygone times. It is impossible to put all of our memories in writing. Welcome home to taste once again the lost moments five decades ago from our Alma Mater, the Pampanga High School.

“Hi-lili, hi-lili, hi-lo.” 


Adora Wy Jacla reported on her U S visit


The Adora Wy Jacla’s group at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Tony Mercado.



Adora Wy Jacla’s visit to the US enabled her to visit lots of our PHS 55’er friends. The above photo was taken at the residence of Dolores Cuenco in Daly City. From Left: Antonio Mercado (a 55’er), Crescencia David Mercado, Dolores “Jambalaya” Cuenco, Amelia Supan, Adora Wy Jacla, Anita Capati Songco, Fidel Songco.







PHS CLASS 55 headed by President Orling Santiago and other classmates at
Jake Espino’s Residence in Valenzuela City to initiate plans for the
Golden Jubilee Celebration.

Members of Class 55 Steering Committee headed by President Orling Santiago discusses the details of the Golf Tournament at Everybody’s Care in San Fernando City. From left Senen Quiambao, a non-Fifty-Fivers but a supporter of the class, Dave Jimenez, Mars Pineda, Vice-chairman of the Golf Tournament committee,
President Santiago and Antolin David. Not in photo is Chairman Emil Gozum.



U.P. Vice-Chancellor Ernesto P. Pineda hosted a meeting among members  of the Steering Committee at the Virata Hall of the Institute of Small and  Medium Scale Industries. From left, the host, Eling Gozum, Emil Gozum,  President Orling Santiago, Jake Espino, Mars Pineda and Dave Jimenez.  Standing behind is Jenny. . . . A friend of Gozum family.


Officers and members of Class 55 at Ben and Yan Restaurant in San Fernando City to discuss the Golden Jubilee Anniversary activities.  Seated from left, Dra. Zeny Ocampo, wife of classmate Tony, Macing
Mallari, Linda Duval (partly hidden), Bros Dungca, Jake Espino, Adora Jacla, President Orling Santiago and Matilde Vda. De Yusi.


Some Fifty-fivers attended a meeting at the Philippine Columbian in Paco, Manila hosted by Jess Capulong. From left are the host, Mars Pineda, Emil Gozum, Conrado Pineda, Susie Ocampo, Olive Perez, Eling Gozum, Jake Espino and Tony Ocampo.





Mars Pineda presides over the meeting where the updates on the different activities for the Golden Anniversry were discussed. In photo from left are: Emil Gozum, Oscar Nogoy, Bros Bungca, Larry Cordero, Conrad Pineda, Jess Capulong, Jake Espino and eling Gozum (back to the camera).









Attendance sheet of the second meeting at the Philippine Columbian hosted again by Jess Capulong.


PHS CLASS 55 MEETING In Tagaytay City
(hosted By Emil Gozum)

The November 27 Class 55 meeting held at Emil Gozum’s guesthouse in Tagaytay City was by far the most well-attended affair hosted by a classmate. At least two van load of classmates from Pampanga numbering 20 excluding their spouses attended the much awaited meeting.

In fact, Emil prepared a schedule of activities months before the November 27 meeting to make sure that the affair will not only be orderly and fruitful but also a pleasurable experience for the classmates. Although the schedule was not followed to the letter because many of our classmates lost their way in going to the Emil’s place but somehow managed to reach the vacation house of Emil, thanks to the new technology (the mobile phone).

The first arrivals who reached the place at past ten A.M. were informed by the waiting host that the first ten “early birds” will be given the Class Gold Cup each while the last ten classmates to leave his place will be given the same prizes. Among the “early birds” who were able to partake the delicious native food such as dinuguan, puto and kutsinta on the breakfast table were Jake Espino, Fred del Rosario, Fred Dizon, Bros. Dungca, Totoy Umali and Conrad Pineda.

When the Pampanga group arrived, they were met with warm welcome and firm handshake by the gracious hosts Emil and his wife Eling and other early arrivals. The Pampanga group was headed by President Orling Santiago, together with past class presidents Macing Mallari, Lind Duval, Johnny Mallari, Afring Aquino, Tet Alejandro and Mars Pineda whose presence was necessary being the Vice Chairman of the Golf Tournament Committee. The other Metro Manilans who were present were Oscar Nogoy, Ernesto Pineda, Roland Pineda and Larry Cordero.

After taking their breakfast and finished exchanging pleasantries and “Kumustahan”, the President called the meeting to order and requested Emil as Chairman of the Golf tournament to give the classmates an update on the tournament. Emil Informed the group that there are 144 participants in the Golf Tournament. The date of the tournament, January 20, 2005 and the venue at the Mimosa Gold and Country Club in Clark Field have been confirmed. What is needed to be done, according to Emil is to follow up and collect the money from the hole sponsors. Except for minor details to be discussed with Senen Quiambao, a good friend and supporter of Fifty-Fivers, everything is in readiness.

After the discussion on the Golf Tournament, the second Major project of Class 55 - - the Souvenir Magazine and Class Directory – was placed on the Agenda. Jake Espino, as Chairman of the Committee discussed the contents of the Yearbook to enable the classmates to have bird’s eye view on how the Yearbook will look like. The prepared dummy has 80 pages. The contents are Forward, Table of Contents, Editorial, Messages Class History, Three Organizations, After 50 Years, An Article on Coming Home written by Olive Perez, Pre-celebration Activities and Photos of all Committee Chairmen, one whole page for classmates who have joined the creator and advertisements placed by our classmates. First on the list of advertisers is Emil Gozum who got the back cover for PhP15,000; Sylvia Sarmiento, Inside back cover for PhP12,000; Peping Castro, Inside Front cover for PhP12,000; Afring Aquino, Mat Pineda, Aida Cayetano, Cesar Bondoc got one whole page for PhP10,000 each. For those classmates who promised to get sponsors or contribute prizes for the golf participants, are to pay only PhP5,000 for the whole page. Other classmates have to pay PhP5,000 per whole page and if they can not afford the amount, they must share it with other classmates. Among voluntary sponsors that came out during the meeting were Macing Mallari, Lily Flor Huat, Olive Perez, Matilde Manaloto Yusi, Mr. And Mrs. J. Mallari and Bros Dungca who shared the whole with Toty Umali.

After the meeting, many of our classmates, particularly the Pampanga Group went to the Tagaytay Island Resort to feast on the beautiful sceneries that abound the area.

Other classmates like Ernesto Pineda, Rolando Pineda and Fred del Rosario remained at the vacation house and used the videoke in exercising their vocal chords singing their favorite songs. Eling whose nice singing voice is known to Fifty-Fivers sung few favorite songs to the delight of our classmates.

Some of our classmates who opted to go to the Tagaytay Island Resort missed this part of the activities but they enjoyed the beautiful sceneries in the resort and surrounding areas. This group was accompanied by Sylvia Sarmiento Aragon, who is a member of the resort to enable our classmates to enter the place. What some of our classmates wont forget was the sheer thrill in riding in the cable cars in going to the island.

After Sylvia treated the classmates to snack in one of the eateries in the resort, the group returned to Emil’s house to have another snacks and continued the bonding and w pleasantries that made they day pleasant and memorable.

After dinner, it was a night of dancing and singing as many of our classmates including the ladies practiced their vocal chords by singing their old time favorites. The night of merriment lasted up to 11 P.M. after a very hectic day. The group spent the night at the milestone hotel owned by Emil.

The group left after breakfast and expressed their appreciation and thanks to the hosts Emil and Eling for their hospitality with the thought that occasions like this will surely enhance closeness and camaraderie among classmates and keep the spirit of PHS Class 55 burning.



by Jake Espino

The joy and cheer of the Christmas Season filled the hearts of the members of the Pampanga High School Class’55 when they held their Annual Christmas Party last December 4, at the Villa Victoria Multipurpose Hall in Dolores, San Fernando City.

The celebration started at about 8 A.M. with the registration of classmates and their guests, indicating their addresses and contact numbers for easy coordination.

Class President Atty. Orling Santiago welcomed the Fifty-Fivers and their guests while the Chairperson of the Food Committee Macing Mallari prepared breakfast and lunch for the attendees.

After the opening ceremonial activities like group prayer, singing of the national anthem, and prayer for Fifty-Fivers who joined the Creator, the two major committees of our Golden Jubilee Celebration briefed the classmates and guests on the updates on their respective activities.

Emil Gozum, Chairman of the Golf Tournament Committee informed the group that there are 144 golf players who will participate in the gold tournament to be held at the Mimposa Golf and Country Club in Clark Field, Angeles City on January 20, 2005. He estimated that class earnings from the Golf Tournament would be from three to four hundred thousand pesos. What is need to be done is to collect the money from the sponsors. During the meeting, one of our classmates Tony Liwanag, a Balikbayan from California, U.S.A. promised to sponsor one hole at ten thousand pesos. Emil assured the classmates that everything is in place for holding of the tournament.

After Emil’s talk, Jake Espino, as Committee Chairman of the Magazine and Yearbook, informed the group, just like what he did during the November 27 meeting held at Emil’s residence in Tagaytay City, on the composition of the Yearbook. The contents of the Yearbook, among others, are the Forward, Editorial, Messages, History of the class, Fifty years after graduation from the high school, Class fifty-five in photos, Advertisements, Article by Olive Perez and one page for the departed classmates.

Having been informed on the activities of both Committees, some classmates started doing entertainment numbers like individual and group singing. Some belted out Christmas songs and while others sung their favorites songs capped by the duet of Atty. And Mrs. Santiago. Eling Gozum, with her nice singing voice, was a hit. There were parlor games like, trip to Jerusalem, with the winners getting their prizes.

After these activities, the classmates started dancing, seen on the floor dancing with Gusto were Atty. Olive Perez and partner said to be nephew-dance instructor, Tet Alejandro, Macing Mallari and Mon David, Cesar Bondoc and wife, Mrs. Herman Pantig and Larry Cordero, among others.

The last part of the program was the distribution of door prizes, which were raffled to the Fifty-Fivers.

After a day of partying, exchanging pleasantries and bonding among classmates, they went to their respective homes with a feeling of enjoyment and fulfillment for having enjoyed the company of friends way back to our high school days. Everybody is looking forward to not only to our Golden Jubilee Celebration but also another Christmas party next year.






The only thorn among the roses is Dr. Afring Aquino (extreme right). Also in photo are: Baby Aquino, Paz Yap, Macing Mallari, Mrs. Pantig & Linda Duval




Ladies of the PHS class 55 ready to eat their Christmas lunch as Maring Aquino holds a banana for dessert.





Long lost friend, Lillyflor Huat (extreme left) with 55’ers Paz Lalic Yap, Fred del Rosario & friend Baby Aquino





“Trio Los Desperados” Manny Fontillas, Ramon David & Hoover Canlas are desperately trying to sing a song to entertain classmates.






President Orling Santiago & wife doing a duet to the delights of the crowd.






The “Three Wise Men”: Dave Jimenez, Orling Santiago & Tony Liwanag.





“Puto Seco Eating Contest” From left, Cesar Bondoc, Emil Gozum, Tony Liwanag & Tony Ocampo. Mon David supervised the contest (back to camera).





“Enjoying the party?” The smile in their faces tells it all. Seated from left: Mr. Medina, Jake Espino & Luderio Datu. Standing from left: Alfeo Galang, Lino Marzan & Mars Pineda






Jovial moods for the Parlor Game Winners.

The joy and cheer of the Christmas Season filled the hearts of the members of the Pampanga High School Class’55 when they held their Annual Christmas Party last December 4, at the Villa Victoria Multipurpose Hall in Dolores, San Fernando City.

The celebration started at about 8 A.M. with the registration of classmates and their guests, indicating their addresses and contact numbers for easy coordination.




Emil Gozum (standing in dark shirt) hosted a get-together with our teachers in the Pampanga High School on January 14, 2005 in Quezon City. 55’er in photo: Jake Espino, Orling Santiago (Association President), Dave Jimenez & Bros Dungca.



The “Stars of the Affair” are our former teachers. Seated from left: Ester Lingad Andin, Annette Valencia, Ms Teresita Panlilio, Ms Anette Valenzerina Pendoza, Ms Justa Venzon Denoga, Ms Januaria Tanjutco Kabiling & Ms Mariquita Mendoza.





The much awaited Invitational Golf tournament sponsored by PHS Class 55 came to pass on January 20, 2005 at the Mimosa Golf and Country Club, Clarkfield, Angeles City.

The highly successful golf tournament was graced by both National and Local Government Officials led by Senator Lito Lapid, Congressman Rey Aquino, Angeles City Mayor Carmelo “Tarzan” Lazatin, Mayor Oscar Rodriguez of San Fernando City, Mabalacat Mayor Marino Morales, San Simon Mayor Digos Canlas, Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo, Pampanga Bord Member Tars Halili and Local Business Executives Mr. Alexander Ozaeta, Branch Manager, Casino Filipino Angeles and Mr. Andres Lizares, Branch Manager, Casino Filipino Mimosa.

The benchmark indicating that the Golf Invitational Tournament was a huge success was the big number of participants totaling no less 175 players both Local and Foreign Golfers like Koreans and Japanese.

The Golf Tournament was the major fund-raising project of the PHS Class 55 to cover the expenses for the Golden Jubilee Celebration. Its success was mainly due to the untiring efforts of the Committee Chairman Emil Gozum. Emil’s determination and commitment to make the Tournament and the Golden Anniversary Reunion successful and memorable is beyond question. He deserves the highest degree of appreciation and commendation. All the Fifty-Fivers take their hats off to Emil and other persons who helped him in his project for a job well done.

The Golf Tournament Committee chairman was assisted in the planning and coordination of the event, follow-ups and collection of sponsorship money from the sponsors by Mars Pineda, Antolin David, President Orling Santiago, Dave Jimenez and Non-Fifty-Fiver Senen Quiambao who invited most of the players.

Dinner and awarding of golf prizes was held at the Casino Filipino Mimosa where presence was required to claim raffle prizes. Dolping Deang donated one lechon during the evening affair.

The event was another successful pre-celebration activity’s for the Golden Jubilee Celebration.







Banner on golf/invitational tournament posted at the entrance of the Mimosa Club House.




 Sen. Lito Lapid prepares to hit the ball admirers and kibitzers watch on the sideline






Sen. Lito Lapid poses with some members and officers of PHS Class 55 after a golf tournament sponsored by Fifty-fivers at the Mimosa Golf and Country Club.







Angeles City Mayor “Tarzan” Lazatin aims at the ball.






Golden Jubilee President Orlando Santiago makes a swing but failed to hit the ball as onlookers watch with amusement.






Golf tournament Chairman Emil Gozum prepares to hit the ball in his attempt to score a hole-in-one in the tournament.





Golf tournament Chairman Emil Gozum hands the trophy to the overall winner of the tournament . Looking on from left are: Mars Pineda, President Orling Santiago, and Senen Quiambao, a non Fifty-fiver but the Technical Director of the tournament.





Some members of Class 55 poses for a souvenir photo during the tournament. From left: Bros Dungca, Tolen David, Mon David, Emil Gozum, Tony Liwanag, Dave Jimenez, Eling Gozum, Corazon Razon and Mrs. Santiago.





Some Fifty-fivers who extended their assistance during the tournament are: From left, Olive Perez, Lily Juat, Puring Santos (partly hidden), Mrs. Santiago, Adora Jacla, Tolen David, Eling Gozum and Corazon Razon, Tony Ocampo and Dave Jimenez.





On 12 March 2005 the PHS’55 class of about forty people had an excursion to Calamba, Laguna. Remy Puno Sunga hosted the lunch affair in their resort house while Tony Ocampo treated the group to a merienda in his resort complex.


Doing the LA walk: Back: Linda D & Aida S (partly hidden). Front: Emil Gozum, Matilde Yusi, Opel V & Flor Lampa


Front row, sitting: Regie David, Puring Santos, Fely Lopez Miranda, Macing Mallari. Second row, standing: Aida Santiago, Erlinda Duval, Opel Villanueva, Olive Perez, Zon Gonzales, Lily Juat, Adora Wy & Matilde Yusi

Beside the Sunga’s swimming pool: Front row: Matilde Yusi (holding post), Fely Lopez M, Adora Wy J, Zon Razon G, Masing Isip M, Regie D, Opel V, Puring S & Olive P. Second row: Norming R, Linda D, Remy Puno Sunga (the hostess), Eling G, Lily J & Aida S.

Sing along: Seen holding microphone is Frida Pamintuan. Eling Gozum is very visible on the left.



Highlights of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations

This component is still being prepared.  However, you can view the photo album on that day by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.


After the Golden Jubilee celebrations, several get-together parties were held for the Balik- Bayans of PHS'55.  One of them was held at the UP Diliman Campus (click).  Subsequently,  Sylvia Sarmiento Aragon hosted a party in Imus, Cavite for our 55 Balikbayans (photos are in our photo album link below)