Guide To PHS'55ers

(updated 09 September 14)

This Guide is intended to assist present & future users of our WEBSITES and PHOTO ALBUMS. 

 It will be revised from time to time whenever changes are necessary.  We will indicate revision date in the above title.  (Secretariat)


Guide to Website & Photo Album Users & Viewers


         To simplify matters, just log on to:


           The Home page is linked with all the other sites (PHS & other related sites) & other pages.  Should you be interested in direct access to the sites, use the GRID below (Secretariat):




(Please keep this)



Nature & Purpose


Our new and permanent (I hope) email address.  It has a bigger capacity.  This will enable us to respond to Pending’s propensity to send emails with lots of graphics.











This is the homepage which is now in operation.  Please use this as your gateway to the other sites.  This is known as "homepage main"




This is the photo album site of the above website.  Please note that this will continue to grow in collection at a fast rate (pls. make it faster).


This will be the permanent repository of our Golden Anniversary documents.  It is not expected to grow.




This will house all photos related to our Golden Anniversary.  We only have 42 photos (which were taken from the old site) & our capacity is 1,000.  Please send in the golden anniversary pictures taken during the occasion.  We need them very badly.  We just included the post golden, centennial (pre & post) pictures.