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More than 200 PHS'55ers and guests attended the affair on February 21,2015.  All entertainment packages, Hawaiian, Hagibis, LA walk, singing and others were undertaken by our 55ers.  Philip (Elvis) Punzalan performed.  Lots of door prizes were raffled.  The food was typically Pampango dishes like camaru, buru & hito, kilain, etc. Two lechons were contributed by our classmates.  We honored our teachers and all our past presidents who could not be with us for the affair with certificates of appreciation. 
The pictures are still being edited and classified.  They will soon be uploaded in our photo- album.  The picture below is our group picture during the affair (double click picture to magnify size).

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Pericles & Huegette Meneses 2014 Visit
Pericles (PHS'55 & a distinguished French Scientist) and Huegette Meneses hosted a luncheon party at the King's Royale in San Fernando City.  Photo below shows PHS55'ers who attended the affair.  For more photos of the party please go to our main photo album by following the link below.

Meeting 29 March 2014: Jun Jun's Place, San Fdo. City

The meeting was graced by the presence of Dr. Art & Rica Basa (President PHS'55 International), Dr. Ferning & Linda Rivera (who just came back from their US trip and Matias Pineda (a London resident). Photos contributed by Rica Basa.

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News contributed from local and foreign sources on the 55'ers


 55'ers designated For Opening Salvo In PHS Centennial Celeb


The Class of 1955 was designated to contribute the opening number of the week long PHS Centennial Celebration.  The PHS'55 Alumni Association requested Philip Punzalan aka Elvis Presley of 55 to anchor  the presentation.  100 55'ers who will stay in the background, will hold 100 balloons (with doves, we hope or close surrogates) which will be consigned to the sky at the end of Philip's performance.  Brochure of the Centennial celebration is reproduced below:



Jose Magtoto Gonzales – “Forever 34” (Oct,37-July,08)

Jose M. Gonzales was a very colorful man who has touched our hearts as a loving father, husband, partner, and friend. He was born on October 11, 1937 in Calulut, Pampanga and graduated from Far Eastern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting. He was a business man who worked in construction, travel management, real estate, and physical therapy. When asked his age, he quickly responds, “34!” He enjoyed having coffee, eating and dressing well. He is survived by his spouse, Rhodora Hernandez Gonzales, his ten children: Joel, Jun, Lito, Jane, Chitty, Jg, Peewee, Pao Pao, Ella, and Rachel, and fourteen grandchildren: Justin, Joshua, John Jay, Janella, Jocel, Kamilah, Nathan, Miguel, LJ, Ina, Bastin, Emilio, Armando, and Andres.

His unique love for each of us will never be forgotten and he is and will always be missed…

Joe (in yellow) & Doris (in pink) were in our LasVegas Reunion in 2006.  


San Nicolas de Tolentino (Macabebe Patron Saint) 


A number of 55'ers raided the house of Zenaida Borja on the occassion of the feast day of San Nicolas de Tolentino on September 10, 2007.  Delicately prepared dishes were served but the best seller is the paksing licauk (Pat Binuya help me on the spelling).  Likewise, the guests left with plenty of bring home stuff.  The pictures below capture the faces of the attendees.  Mabsi na la.



Shown in the above pictures are the following:  Mel Pineda, Normalita David, Lilyflor Juat, Emil & Eling Gozum, Ben & Mrs Mercado and Esto Pineda.  As usual the hostess, Zeny Borja, despite the pressure of preparing the food the night before exuded glamour and poise.



Dateline Tidewater Area, USA (July,2007)


Three PHS55ers met in the Tidewater Area, US East Coast:


Ruben Pineda & wife Maura hosted Marina Manaloto-Laygo & husband Romy Laygo MD and Art Basa MD & wife Rica at their residence in Virginia Beach, Va.  Likewise, the three with their spouses attended a formal dinner at Marriott  Hotel, Waterside, Norfolk, Virginia after a symposium of the Society of Philippine Surgeons in America, of which  Dr. Art Basa was a past  president.










Reports From Pending Fausto


Carolina Ermitano 

Pending Fausto wrote that Andro Camiling PHS’54) met Carolina Ermitano his neighbor in Pasudeco Compound.  She is married to Conrado Zarate and are now residing in Carlson, California.  Her telephone number is (310) 835 3464 She can be reached  via the email of her daughter, Cecille Viray at:




The son of the late Cresencio Chamian wrote:


To PHS Class '55,


I was surfing the internet and I incidentally got into your website. My father, Cresencio Chamian, was one of your classmates. I recall him saying how proud he was to be in your class when I was a little boy. He would have enjoyed your Golden anniversary in 2005 but he was almost completely paralyzed because of multiple strokes that time. He  died a year ago. Looking at the pictures and notes you posted reminded me of him. It gave me an idea of how much fun he had during those days. I applaud this wonderful website you have created. Keep it going and God bless!


 Best regards,


Dr. Noel M. Chamian

Noel Chamian MD at: noelchamian@msn.com




Pending Fausto’s February, 2007 Visit


Pending Fausto’s visit last February, 2007 enabled him to treat his “ka section” to lunch at the Fortune Restaurant in San Fernando City.  The first picture below highlighted the event.  Likewise, Pending visited UP Diliman and was hosted by Esto Pineda.  The two discussed the PHS'55 music collection stored in Esto's computer.  It was estimated that the Class has a collection of old songs & music of about 2,000.  Pending promised to keep on sending very old songs & music for storage in the PHS'55 Music Collection.  The second picture below shows the two in Esto's faculty office at the College of Business Administration UP Diliman.


Left to right, the men: Agustin Cosme, Rodolfo Deang, Mariano Garcia, Alejandro Gonzales & Pending Fausto/  The girls, left to right: Eduarda Vega, Julieta Tongol, Aurelia Mallari & Aurea Panganiban.