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May '08

This month, still a school break and given the time limitation, our team did not do any activities with the school children as usual, but we opted to learn more about a new museum in Phrae "the Free Thai Museum" which exhibits the stories and heroic acts of the Free Thai Movement, which changed the status of Thailand during the WWII to become one of the war-winning countries.

The Free Thai Museum behind the Paradorn Hotel in Phrae

The Free Thai Movement was an underground resistance movement against Japan during WWII. The movement was one of the important sources to the Allies for military intelligence in this region. 

This museum was built in 2007 by Mr.Phuchong Khanthatham, the owner of the Paradorn hotel and son of Mr.Thong Kanthatham, Head of the Free Thai Movement in Phrae, which was the centre of the operation in the Northern region of Thailand.

Phrae proved to be a strategic location where a lot of underground operations took place since September 1944.  There had been more than 500 local members who participated in the intelligence service as well as the transportation of weapons, food, and medicines to the Allies force.

This museum was built under the collaboration of Mr.Khanthatham, the owner, and a board of local experts consisting of historians and military personnel as well as those who had first-hand experiences regarding the various operations.

The museum is considered the only one of its kind in the whole country. The exhibits are simple and interesting, focusing on the local stories and anecdotes during the WWII years. The Museum Development Team has interviewed a few local people who recounted their own stories and their involvement in the movement, and the recorded clips are also shown in the museum.  


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