What Is LocalTools

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LocalTools is a suite of small "tools", written in PHP, for use on a local ('localhost') Apache, MYSQL, PHP installation. LocalTools provides feedback on an "AMP" environment, allows for the runtime evaluation of PHP and Javascript code, runtime querying of MYSQL and the editing of local files (with the "Advanced" and "Powerful" SEEFU editor!).
  • For "AMP" developers.
  • Easily run local PHP programs.
  • Execute PHP code via input box.
  • Evaluate Javascript on the fly.
  • Query MYSQL interactively.
  • Examine Apache/MYSQL/PHP.
  • Edit local PHP source files.
  • "GREP" recursively using regular expressions.

This code very anxiety ridden and therefore insecure. You should not place any of this code on a publicly accessible server.


Note: See the README file for the lastest information.

The files that make up LocalTools can simply be placed anywhere on your localhost installation -- in 'DocumentRoot' or in a directory (the archive uses a
directory name of 'localtools' -- it does not matter where.

The only "configuration" variables are for the "TODO Database" MYSQL parameters for the user, password and database name, right at the top of INDEX.PHP. (If these values are wrong, there will be a nice error message of the response from the MYSQL driver.) If/when the user and password work, the database will be
created if it does not exist (the default name is "_todo" so chances are a database of that name does not exist already).


LocalTools is "Free Software" and think of it as under any GPL, MIT, BSD, Apache, PHP, Mozilla, Creative Commons or other "Free Software" license.

Click on the .ZIP link below to view the contents of the LocalTools archive. Click on the 'downarrow' icon to the right below to download the archive.
Andova Begarin,
Mar 14, 2014, 4:03 AM