Free PHP Counter

MyCounter is a free PHP Counter that uses a flat file to store its records. No database is required. The script is released under GPL Licence




Other scripts of this kind 


  1. Place all files from the archive in one directory
  2. If UNIX, CHMOD to 777 count.txt
  3. set the parameters of the function MyCounter
  4. include MyCounter.php to your script file and use the function accordingly

MyCounter(param1, param2, param3, param4)

- param1  //if this is set to true, it will echo the count info.
                     //if this is set to flase, it will return them into the buffer like in the example script
- param2  //true, if you want it to display visits

- param3  //true, if you want it to display hits

- param4   //set the interval in minutes between a hit should be called a visit

All of the above are optional. You can call the function without parameters and it will use its defaults.


for any questions contact me at