The desert of Val d'Orcia

Every photo, every 'Once' in time is also the beginning of a story 'once upon a time.' Every photo is the first frame of a movie.
 - Wim Wenders
These on the left and below are the typical images of Val d'Orcia a small area in Tuscany (Italy), very famous for wine and other fine agricultural productions and turistically rich in ancient medieval small towns.

Landscape is characterised by small hills occasionally broken by groups of houses and churches of picturesque towns and villages such as Pienza, Radicofani and Montalcino (the Brunello di Montalcino is counted among the most prestigious of Italian wines).


During a two-days visit in this beatiful land I was struck most by the desertic nature of the large fields in late summer, which created to my eyes a very stimulant propension to catch abstract images shown below.