Projection: Cylindrical (1) FOV: 145 x 85 Ev: 13,20
 Naples, panoramic view Piazza Municipio

Photosite by Antonio Trincone

As a photographer Antonio Trincone is an amateur mainly working in digital even though great passion for the subject directed him since infancy in slide processing.

Zorki 4 first, and two Zenit were the cameras Antonio held in hands in his teens. First slide processing was made at beginning of 1980s with a slide film taken using Zenit E camera. From that period of life some slide is here again, from the dead thank to digital miracle, below entitled Doll grained, is shown one of them.


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Projection: Cylindrical (1) FOV: 110 x 38 Ev: 0.00
Panorama  of my hometown including Capomiseno

Panorama  of Baia, Naples

Panorama  of my hometown including Capomiseno

Panorama  of Vladivostok

Panorama  of Vladivostok

Panorama  of Baia, Naples

Panorama  of Vladivostok

Panorama  of Lago d'Averno

Panorama  of my hometown, Pozzuoli

The photograph above...

..was taken in Naples in 2015.

The photo below...

...was taken at Lago Patria (Naples) in 2004. Other landscapes around this lake are in Location galleries.