Milestone 6: Hi-Fi Prototype

Review of Milestone 5

We received so many valuable critiques from class, we really appreciate them!

Many of you pointed out the problems with our presentation skills, such as time management and eye-contacts with audience. We'll seek to improve on those! Another critique mentions that client's feedback in guiding our work. Well, you are right! You will perceive them as the guideline to this milestone.

On the bright side, we receive many comments on our choice of methodology and vivid stories. Thank you!

Getting started with Hi-Fi!

Since we've gathered so many ideas all the way through previous milestones, it's impossible to implement all in our Hi-Fi prototype. Our concentration, again, falls upon what are typical of our users. As these important characteristics are embodied in our personas and scenarios, we strive to prototype the interactions stressed in those previous efforts.

Gallery Hi-Fi Prototype

So,  we come up with a Hi-Fi Prototype like this:

Check it out here! As what a prototype might be, it may not function the way you expected... Well, it's just a prototype! Or you can download the zip file and run the prototype from index.html, once it's unzipped to your local drive.  You could help us by taking this online survey. We really appreciate your feedback!

As always, we warmly welcome your comments! You can also email us anything on our Hi-Fi prototype or anything relevant to this project by email: phototic08[at]gmail[dot]com.

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