Milestone 4: Lo-Fi Protype

Review of Milestone 3

Before we move on to Milestone 4, we spent some time reflecting on what we did well or not so well on Milestone 3 with the feedback from class.

Some doubts cast on our criteria for selection of personas; explicitly, why we create 3 administrators and only one viewer. A response to this brings up the focus of this project, which gradually comes clear after our Contextual Inquiry, online investigation, and meetings with client.

Our main focus is on the Album Management operations (add an album, edit it, etc. ). The user groups correspond to our focus, according to client's classification of user groups, are album owners and administrators. The only difference between them that is admins have the "Site Admin" option, which deals with the settings of the website and user accounts management. As we're not going to cover that part of Gallery, we just group them together as our target.

And we redo the poster for our Personas! Check it out on the Milestone 3 page.

A return to Affinity Diagram

We looked at our Affinity Diagram again to summarize the most important expectations from our interviewees, as well as pitfalls we should avoid.

We summarize the requirements in the memos.






Having in mind these design constraints, which are enhanced by the goals of our personas, we embark on a brainstorming process of the possibilities.

We express our ideas in the following sketches.





Lo-Fi Paper Prototyping

We sketched out the interfaces of Gallery, and begin to interact with the paper prototype.

Paper prototyping-1

Paper prototyping-2


Lo-Fi Prototype -- Homepage (list view)

Lo-Fi Prototype -- Homepage (infovis view)


Lo-Fi Prototype -- Upload photos

Lo-Fi Prototype -- Map photo


A printable version of our Lo-Fi Prototype is availabe here.

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