Milestone 3: Personas

Review of Milestone 2

The critiques we received from classmates helped us to review our achievements and weaknesses in retrospect.

Many of you like our logo, thank you :) 

On the other hand, three major places that classmates thought we should improve are:

 4  Some confusion on individual notes.
 3  Have user priority on features.
 3  Categories may be better summarized and classified.

For the first and third problem, it's probably because those notes are deprived of contexts that outsiders may not grasp what we were trying to convey. However, We reviewed and made modifications to them while digitizing the notes contents for future reference.

As for the second one, considering the geographic limitations, what we did in CI was more like a qualitative research, rather than a quantitative one. We tried to compliment our research results, however, by looking into the resources available on the Gallery online community: Feature Vote and a previous user survey; both reached a broadest possible user base.

Brainstorming: How we break down our users into different personas

In this milestone, we build four personas from our affinity diagrams and interviewees' data we've collected and organized. Firstly, we tried to figure out how we divide our five interviewees into different personas. The most different characteristic of our users is their experience on Gallery, and we can divide them into two categories of groups: administrators and potential users (viewers).


Then we began to decide how many personas we are going to make. Due to the project goal, we are likely to put more emphasis on the administrator part, especially on managing the photo albums. Thus, we lessen the potential users, combining U02 with U03 into a persona, who is representing the viewers of Gallery. Because we collected many data from three of our administrator users, we discovered that their goals of using Gallery are very different.

Therefore, We concluded to build three personas for each of them. One of them only uses Gallery to share photos with people; another uses Gallery only for work, and the other tries to sell his work through Gallery. Our team members all think it must be very interesting to build different backgrounds, interests, or even goals of personas. To sum up, we build our personas based on our interviewees' goals, backgrounds, and purposes.

Share and revise our personas

Each of us is in charge of one persona, determined by the relationship between interviewers and interviewees, i.e., the interviewer of U01 must have more clear memory and knowledge of  U01 than of U02. Then we set up another meeting to discuss and revise our personas. At  this stage, we discuss a lot on different personas and on how to present them.

A list of our Personas' profiles is as follows:


Personas collage

The final collage of our four personas is the picture below:

A pdf version is also available here


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