Milestone 1: Project Focus

Main Problems

Using Gallery can't be said as a very nice experience. The installation process, the functions it provides, are complex to grasp and complicated to use. The main problems are as follows:

  • The interface is not user-friendly.
  • Numerous features are rarely used.
  • Know little about their users.

Intallation requirements--Very complex!!!

Current user interface--Powerful features but many rarely used!

Solution statement

Diagram. General direction of solution.

I. Investigation into current version of Gallery
We need to get the picture of Gallery and use it in person first. Understanding the system and discovering the problems of it are the key to the next step.

2. User research
Using Survey knows the public's acceptance and expectation of Gallery. We will also get responses and problems from the present users by viewing Forum, Gallery Wiki, Chat room.

  • Preliminary resesarch:
    Survey, Mailing list, Q&A, Feature wishlists, Forum, Gallery Wiki, Chat room, exmaine strong competitors.
  • Contextual Inquiry (Milestone 2):

3. Data Analysis
Create Affinity Diagrams, Work Models in this stage.

4. Persona (Milestone 3)
Describe the desired user or customer's daily behavior patterns, using specific details.

5. LO-FI Prototype (Milestone 4)
Generate LO-FI prototype to discuss and redesign.

6.Scenarios (Milestone 5)
Create scenarios according to user's environment, background,  frenquecy of using Gallery etc.

7. HI-FI Prototype (Milestone 6)
Combine the previous conclusions and observations to the HI-FI prototype.


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