What is PhototiC ?

"PhototiC" is the name of our team, working to improve the interactions and interfaces of the open source photo album organizer -- "Gallery". The reasons for this name are the following three:

1. we are improving interfaces for a software dealing with PHOTOs!
2. our team members are from Taiwan, India, and China respectively. and
3. "PhototiC" sounds fun and cool!

Who are PhototiCs?

Wen-Hui Kao (Kerry)

Roles: Team leader / Project manager

Kerry earned her undergrad degree in Library and Information Science from National Taiwan University. She had project experiences of conducting IR evaluation comparing web-based search engines, implanting digital collections to an open-source system named GSDL, and evaluating the user interface and structure of certain websites. In her free time, Kerry enjoys listening to alternative rock, dancing, and going to movies.

Chih-Ming Yi (Ricardo)

Roles: Instructor liaison / Photographer

Ricardo is by nature a very curious and sentimental person who always wants to explore the new vision while yearning for the past. He is not only interested in the knowledge that humans have developed to enrich this world, but also the intricacies of the human mind.

Zhe Pu (Jo)

Roles: Client liaison / Web Developer

Jo has background in Engineering and Computer-aided Industrial Design. She is perfectly comfortable with programming in C/C++ as well as the design series-- graphic, 3D product modeling, and non-linear editing. Jo is generally intrigued by anything related to technology and human concerns. That's why she's drawn upon to the study and practice of HCI. She also likes movies, and hopes to produce one of her own someday.

Have questions for PhototiC?

Feel free to email us: phototic08{at}gmail{dot}com.

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