Project Statement 

Our project "PhototiC" is to redesign the interaction and interfaces of Gallery, the open-source, web-based photo album organizer, which enables you to embed album management seamlessly into your own website, whether it is a small personal site or a large community site.

Gallery, launched back in the year 2000, long before the thrive of Flickr, has gained huge number of users, most of whom are professional photographers. Recently, however, Gallery is beginning to lose those users to other web-based album services with better user experience and cooler interfaces.

This frustrating situation might result from a shared drawback among most open-source projects: the contributors of the software have too many things to care about other than usability. Even if they consider usability, they still have troubles pinpointing their users. That's where they want us to come in, to improve it, and to contribute. We find this task both challenging and exciting.

We’re taking this project for SI682: Interface and Interaction Design, a class taught by Mick McQuaid in the School of Information at the University of Michigan . We'll be posting our milestones in this site, and you can track our progress by navigating this site.




Jakob Hilden is a second-year MSI student working on usability evaluation for the Gallery open-source project as part of Season of Usability. Although Jakob improved the interfaces for uploading, there are still spaces that need to be improved upon.

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