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“Using Photosynth to Engage Students in Project Based Learning”

This project applies aspects of the Conversation Analysis approach with the technology platform Microsoft Photosynth to observe the effectiveness of integrated technologies in project based learning at the college level. Students who took part in this pilot study developed Photosynth projects, individually and collectively, in order to communicate to external and internal audiences the important of visualization during the analysis of material objects. The initial phase of this project included mini-lectures, the use of online web software, digital cameras, and collaborative learning. Students were asked to complete a survey as well as preform a written assignment about their experiences using the software. Participants were drawn from both traditional and non-traditional student populations. Differences in documented experiences were examined. Tentative findings indicate that this platform successfully engaged students in project based learning.

Wordle of Project Objectives: 1. Identify the usefulness of Photosynth in traditional and non-traditional college classrooms, particularly in disciplines which analyze material objects; 2. Identify the formats most effective for conveying the important of artifacts to a broad audience; 3. Measure and Calculate the effectiveness of individual and group work in technology driven project learning; and 4. Design and Create a theoretically driven project which combines basic knowledge with practical skills in technology.