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The digital art nowadays, is increasingly more accesible all the people, thanks to the software of edition, design and illustration, among others techniques. Free programs like The Gimp, Picassa, etc and commercial programs like Photoshop, Paint Shop pro or Illustrator among others, they facilitate us the pleasant task to transfer our emotions and feelings, our anxieties and our philosophy of life to the digital linen cloth that is our screen computer.

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In this webpage I will try to show my art… my taste by the life, by the beauty, through works and resources made almost in its totality with Adobe Photoshop CS and the inestimable aid of which another magnificent program of which abound by the net, many of gratuitous them, who only hope that you find them. Also, I have intention of that this Web is a center of unloading of resources for Photoshop, like those many by which it dived in the network when my walking began by the Photoshop universe.These resources will be other people's through links shown the own left of the page and through Link to the page of which I am a great enthusiast and member, from where you will be able to go unloading all my exposed resources and those that I will continue raising, such as brushes, patterns, etc and some that another one plug in of own harvest. And that tries this page, which those that begins in the field of the design can by means of this type of webpages and the wonderful and always useful unloadings, to develop by that huge computer design utility called PHOTOSHOP… What you amuse yourselves!!

My own resources:(just download from the link)...

Torero brushes

Flamenco! brushes

Frames brushes

Chinese Warriors brushes

Thai Gardens brushes

Samurai brushes

Anomalous brushes

INDIA brushes