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From Studio to Publisher

                 I think I have finally finished the cover photo for her second book.  I'm waiting for feed back from the author to see if there 
                 are any changes to be made.  I hope she likes it.  After 10 hours:  setup, shots, adjusting, readjusting, editing, setting 
                 back up with a different idea, shooting again......24 photos, only 1 was actually used and 4 hours of editing, I hope to God it 
                 goes to print.  On a lighter note, the studio was set up tonight and we begin shooting FLOWERS FOR ALL SEASONS on Friday.

                 It's been a month since I last wrote.  Nothing much going on yet.  Met with the author today.  She has finished writing the 
                 book I mentioned in November and I have been given the go ahead to create the photo for the cover.  We sat and discussed 
                 FLOWERS FOR ALL SEASONS and we will begin shooting next week.  Our meeting was productive; went over scheduling details
                 tossed around ideas and location.  So I am very happy to announce  J. Grey Photography has a permanent studio for 
                 this project.  I can't begin to thank her enough, for this amazing opportunity to work on the next book with her.

                  Met with the author today. Not much to blog about.  She signed a copy of her first book, which I had read in about 4 hours.  
                  Have been asked not only to work on her next book FLOWERS FOR ALL SEASONS (that isn't the title, just the theme) but to 
                  create the cover for a book she is finishing.  I can't begin to explain what it feels like to take a simple hobby and jump
                  to something I had never dreamed of.  Family photography sessions, high school senior portraits and birthday photos
                  were as far as I thought I would take J. Grey Photography.   Now I will be photographing still life for a book.  A book that 
                  could be on the coffee tables of all those I know, and don't know.  As a reference guide to those who will create beautiful 
                  pieces for a wedding.  And the most exciting of all:  
                                                                                 THE WORK OF J. GREY PHOTOGRAPHY..........
                                                                                                             MY PHOTOGRAPHS........
                                                                                                                                        WILL BE PUBLISHED!

                  Received a request from an author for J. Grey Photography to shoot the photos of her book.  Theme:  FLOWERS FOR ALL                                     SEASONS.  I am extremely flattered that I have been noticed for my eye to detail and passion for photography.  Continue 
                  to check back on our site for updates.