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Welcome at Photon Journal. Photon catalyzes sustainable development of society. Photon Foundation is engaged in diverse sectors to upgrade the way we live including health, environment, employment, education, science, technology and resources.

Photon offers catalytic active sites to world's leaders, innovative thinkers, scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs and organizations who dare to transform the society with their innovations. Photon incubates world's path breaking research, developments, discoveries and your endeavors. 

Photon is inviting world's leading innovative personalities to become a part of Photon Beam.

You can join us with our multidimensional Global Project: Photon InnovationsBe in resonance with leaders who are driving the world. We cordially welcome you to symbiosis at:

Photon Foundation is engaged in diverse sectors to upgrade the way we live including health, environment, employment, education, science, technology and resources. Photon is actively involved in ensuring academic excellence, accreditation, and establishing quality standards, worldwide.

International Agency for Standards and Ratings (IASR) recognizes the products and services which demonstrates the calibre to transform and catalyze the domain with high standards. 

Product/ service reviews can be submitted at

Welcome to Photon Innovations-2014. The highly versatile Global Project which connects world's top most leaders, academicians, scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations towards filtration of World's Path Breaking Research Articles and Discoveries. The project incubates milestone & cutting edge research and discoveries for the year 2014 which have potential to catalyze the domain. The Global Project awards the scientists with Photon Innovations-2014 Award who demonstrates the calibre to transformand catalyze the domain. Their names would be announced and published on Photon Beam in 2014 withaffiliations and respective countries.With the passion you can submit your work at

Photon eBooks: Submit your eBook proposals/ book chapters at:
Chapters will be published instantly as these are ready without any delay caused by other chapter submission

Thomas Edison Award-2014Thomas Edison Award-2014 is acknowledged for Inspiration and Knowledge Distribution among young research scholars. This is world's prestigious award, dedicated to most innovative researchers. Scientistsacademicians, recipient of the award impact the scientific domain with their excellent research work and incubate cutting edge research across the globe.

PYSP-2014 encourages Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Research students/ fellow with a passion of Research and Development in their chosen area of interest in Science or Technology to excel in research. Students are encouraged to write and submit a Short Communication or a Review Article along with their ‘own’ and ‘original’ research idea. Their submissions would be screened on the basis of merit and novelty in Global Perspective. Screened submissions would be sent for peer review. Accepted articles would be published in Photon Journals under young scientist category. Editor-in-Chief may recommend selected articles to appropriate Photon Journals subject to their Aims and Scope. PYSP-2014 identifies world’s best innovative minds that have calibre to excel in their chosen area of research. Such innovative minds would be awarded with Young Scientist under PYSP-2014.

Eligibility: Aspiring students must be registered for Undergraduate or Post Graduate/ Ph.D course in Management, Science or Technology stream under a recognized university.

Age:  Should be Above 18 Years.

Nationality: Any Country. It is a Global Project-2014. (Represent your country Through an open competition)

Language of submission: English

How to apply: 1. Write a Short Communication or a Review Article in word file using Times new Roman 12 font, mention your ‘Original Research Idea’ separately, in a single word file and explain how you would achieve your goals, step by step. How your research idea can transform/ catalyze the domain. 2. Submit us two Names of referees with their E-mail addresses and affiliations, who could comment on your capability, please mention in what capacity they know you. Attach your word file with E-mail along with a covering letter and send it to ‘Gerald L. Struger’, Editorial Office, Photon:

Where to send: Send your submissions to:

Mention Photon Young Scientist Program-2014 in subject line.

Once you apply: Within 48 hours you would get an acknowledgement from us and would be registered for the Global Program with a unique ID. We will contact your referees to know more about you and start the processing. One of the referees must be mentor/ Guide on your research article. 
Successful candidates would be screened for ‘Young Scientist Award’ and their article would be published in Photon Journal along with the name of their Research Guide for Technology Transfer and incubation of young minds. 

Photon Funding: Applications are invited throughout the year for funding in various areas to Industries, Institutions, R&Ds, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Societies, NGO, and Individuals. For more information and submission of funding applications, contact:

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