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Journal of Psychiatry  Impact Index: 3.97  Language: English  ISJN: 7384- 8137, Category: International,  Imprint: Photon

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Management of Bipolar I Disorder: Challenging but not Impractical: A 
Case Study
Faiza Aslam, Saira Javed*


Patients with Bipolar I disorder face hard time due to longevity of ailment. For the management of mental disorder, patients required psychotherapies along with medication. Alone either of them will not prove effective and efficient. The goal of case study was to treat patient of bipolar I disorder, with the help of therapies rather than merely by medication as seen before in many cases handled by psychiatrists. To handle Bipolar I disorder solely with therapies seems to be harder and challenging but literature on the other hand stated that it is not impossible. It was also intended to investigate the dynamic treatment of Bipolar I disorder. Results concluded that psychologists play imperative function not only in diagnosis of Bipolar I disorders but also understanding the psychological strategies in the overall management of bipolar disorders and significantly assist against aliment for the benefit of the society by keeping in view the prevalence rate of mental health issues also.

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