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This study aimed at explaining the changes in erosionrates and areas depending on monthly rainfalls in the Amik Plain via GeographicInformation Systems (GIS) based and Remote Sensing (RS) supported RUSLE (3D)method. At the implementation phase of the model, a different and independentRainfall erosivity (R) factor (MJ ha-¹ y-¹) map was generated for each month inaccordance with the formula content. Then, these maps were combined by keepingthe other factors constant. As a result, a different 12-month erosion map wasobtained. At the end of the study, it was understood that the very intenseerosion manifested itself in the Amik Plain at maximum level throughout theyear. The most intense erosion was in December when it affected 88% of theplain. Monthly soil erosion reached the highest level in June, which was alsothe month of the highest average soil loss. Monthly soil erosion reached the lowestlevel in January, which was also the month of the lowest average soil loss. Whileerosion amount and average soil loss were lowest during the period when wheatwas planted in the Amik Plain, erosion amount and average soil loss were highestduring the period when there was no wheat.

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