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Welcome to recommend me as the reviewer, please use my following address: 

Address 1:

Dr. Han ZHANG 

Division of Microelectronics  

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

College of Engineering 

Nanyang Technological University 

Email: zhan0174@e.ntu.edu.sg

Address 2:

Professor and Group Leader:
  • National Young talent 1000 distinguished Professor, CHINA
  • National Excellent Young Scientist Award, NSF, CHINA
  • New Century Excellent Talent Award, MOE, CHINA

Email: hanzhang@hnu.edu.cn

  • Able to Review the following research topics, including:

    • Graphene photonics

    • Fiber lasers

    • Mode-locked lasers

    • Optical solitons

    • Optical pulses

    • Nonlinear optics

    • Graphene saturable absorbers

    • Z-scan
  • Able to review Journals of OSA, IOP,  IEEE, Elsevier and APS, including:,
    • Physical Review Letters

    • Physical Review A

    • Physical Review B
    • Optics Letters

    • Optics Express

    • Journal of the Optical Society of America B

    • Applied Physics Letters

    • Applied Optics

    • IOP Nanotechnology

    • IEEE Photonics Journals

    • IEEE Light wave Technology  Journal of

    • IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

    • Optics Communications

    • Optical Fiber Technology

    • Journal of Physics B

    • IOP Journal of Optics

    • Optics Fiber Technology

    • Frontiers of Physics

    • Optical Engineering