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International Symposium on NanoPhotonics 2012

posted Feb 26, 2013, 8:31 PM by parc osaka   [ updated Dec 17, 2013, 10:27 PM by PARC Osaka University ]

Main topics
• Nanophotonics
• Plasmonics
• Biophotonics
• Metamaterials
• Bioimaging
• Multiphoton lithograph
Organizing Committee
Prof. Xuan-Ming Duan
Prof. Satoshi Kawata
Local Organizing committee: 
Prof. Z.-S. Zhao (TIPC,CAS), Z.-G. Hu (TIPC,CAS), X.-G. Luo (IOE,CAS), Q.-H. 
Gong (Peking Univ.), X. Zhu (Peking Univ.), J. Zi (Fudan Univ.), H.-B. Sun (Jilin 
Univ.), J. Wang (Tsinghua Univ.), G.-P. Wang (Wuhan Univ.), Z.-Y. Li (IP, CAS), Dr. M.-L. Zheng (TIPC,CAS), F. Jin (TIPC,CAS), and H. Wang (TIPC,CAS) 

Much attention has been devoted to nanophotonics in recent years. The International Symposium on NanoPhotonics 2012 will strongly focus on future direction with presenting the forefront results pertaining to nanophotonics, nanoelectronics and biophotonics. This symposium has been the source for the exchange of visible ideas related to this active research area. 
The origin of this symposium is that of Photonics in Asia in 2009.  It has been continuously held for two years in Japan. The informal nature of the conference provides an especially fertile milieu for new ideas and collaboration. The format of the conference will be chosen to have the maximal interactions among world-renowned scientists and young researchers.