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posted Jun 5, 2012, 1:26 AM by parc osaka   [ updated May 16, 2013, 9:10 PM ]

第3回こども科学の教室「スーパー光塾」(6月3日 大阪大学銀杏会館)が開催されました。
光塾開催にあたり、約40名の大学院生・学部生は4ヶ月の準備期間をかけ、小さな塾生の皆さんに、日頃自分達が感じているサイエンスを学ぶ楽しさを伝えたいと 頑張ってきました。塾生の皆さんに理科を学ぶ楽しさ、不思議を解明するワクワク感やドキドキ感をお伝えできましたら幸いです。お越しくださった塾生の皆さん、保護者の方々、ありがとうございました。

The 3rdSuper HIKARI JUKU” Kid’s Photonics School was held on June 3 at the Osaka University Icho Kaikan. Participating in the school were 50 students (elementary school students in grades 4 through 6) selected by lottery from a large number of applicants. They made a “light analysis device”, then divided into groups for 6 classes and experiments. The students learned while sometimes concentrating earnestly and sometimes reacting gleefully to the fascinating properties of light, which fills our everyday lives. After completing all of the classes, each participant was awarded a Doctorate in Photonics. In holding the school, approximately 40 graduate and undergraduate students made preparations over a period of 4 months, working hard in the hope of conveying to the young school participants the enjoyment of studying science that they can experience for themselves in everyday life. We would be happy if we were able to convey to school participants the enjoyment of studying science and the excitement and thrill of unraveling scientific mysteries. Thank you very much to the school participants and their parents/guardians.