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25th コロキアム

posted Feb 8, 2012, 4:48 PM by parc osaka   [ updated May 16, 2013, 9:12 PM ]


18:0018:05     オープニング

18:0518:40     技術ベンチャー企業の立ち上げと 資金調達を成功させる方法    イノベーション・エンジン株式会社    代表取締役社長 佐野 睦典 

 18:4018:55     質疑応答

 18:5519:10     休憩

 19:1019:50     ディスカッション

 19:5020:0      クロージング

本講演は、PARC eラーニングサイトにて、配信しております。大阪大学個人IDをお持ちの方とパートナー企業の方は、IDとパスワードでログインしてご覧頂けます。


For this Photonics Colloquium, the program departed from the usual format of introducing research;. Mr. Mutsunori Sano —the President and CEO of Innovation Engine Inc., an enterprise that carries out cutting-edge technology investment— spoke about taking one step further in thinking concretely with the aim of realizing PARC2.0 (launching businesses and commercializing products from PARC). This was followed by a group discussion including attendees on the issues involved in PARC launching businesses and/or commercializing products as well as specific measures for resolving these problems. Furthermore, at the end of the meeting, the posters used in the group discussion were put up and comments were obtained from the lecturer. Thank you very much to all those who participated.