Take Great Photos for Ebay

Making more money from Ebay is possible if the photos of the object are of good quality. Poor photos will not only undermine your chances of getting a good price in auction but also could give a misleading impression of the item’s quality. Banish amateurish shots with simple photographic techniques and equipment.

How to Take Photos for Ebay

Customers really do judge an object by how it looks on Ebay, and if you don’t take the time to create great shots that smack of professionalism, the customer may move on. Amateurish photographs really do look bad on Ebay and also will do nothing to create a professional finish if you are serious about listing items online. This might include small online businesses.

Bad Photographic Techniques

Mistakes when photographing your object for sale can make your shot look unprofessional. See photo of an alarm clock below to see an example of an amateurish photo. Amateurish photos will give an impression of a lack of care which is not good for any online business. This might be due to the following bad practices in photography.

Not taking into consideration the background. This image features a bright yellow tablecloth with background clutter in view, such as mugs. There is also too much background in relation to the object. This will make the object appear indistinct. Detail is essential, particularly if there are imperfections on the object such as a hairline crack. You need to shoot a clear photo of the object so that customers will not be disappointed when the item is received in the post. The following will also contribute to an sloppy looking photo.
  • Taking the shot from above; this will create a skewed view of the object.
  • Not zooming into the object. Taking a shot with a wide-angled lens will create distortions to the object’s contours.
  • Using a flash to take the photo. Unwanted reflections will occur if the object is shiny. Fogging-out could occur if light bounces back into the camera lens. Poor indoor lighting will also create a jaundiced hue to the object.
  • Camera shake is also a common problem if light is poor and a long shutter speed is used. A blurred photo will be the result. It is better to use a tripod in such cases.

Professional Photographs for Online Businesses

As can be seen from the photo on the left, simple photographic techniques will transform your photo, making it suitable for any online auction.

I used a plain sheet of paper (see image on the right) and curved it behind the object to create a neutral background that will not vie for attention with the object. There is also no unwanted color casts.

I placed the object next to a good source of light, which ideally should be natural daylight. A bright cloudy day would be fine. Place a mirror on the shaded side of the object to create reflected light. This will act the same way as using a fill-in flash, but without creating unwanted reflections. Always turn off the flash. Use a tripod if the light is poor. This will eradicate camera-shake. Also practice the following tips:

  • Place yourself at eyelevel to the object photographed, not from above.
  • Zoom in a little into the object. This will further eradicate distortions to the contours of the object. But don't zoom in so much that the digital zoom clicks in. A digital zoom (unlike an optical zoom) will degrade the resolution of your photo.
  • Take a few shots in case some don’t work out. You can then select the best shot
  • Crop some of the background out if there is too much. The focus should be on the object itself. These measures can transform a photograph for any online business.

Make Rubbish Photos on Ebay Great by Simple Photo Techniques

I have seen many amateurish photos on Ebay that do nothing to help sell it to potential bidders. Examples are: taking shots from above, using a wide-angle lens and including distracting background objects. Set up a simple studio for your item by placing a sheet of paper or a white sheet behind the object, and then placing it next to a good (natural) light source.
Avoid using the flash and zoom in a little. Take the shot at eyelevel to the object, to further rid of distortions. As can be seen, you don’t need expensive camera equipment to create professional shots for any online store such as Ebay.
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