Artist Statement

I have been a photographer for over 40 years. The reason I  make photographs is because it the best way I can define the world I live in.  I have a hard time believing what I see and experience in life. This is the driving force in my work.  It has been the one constant endever in my life that has given me peace and happiness.  It has never gotten old or boring, there is always something new, because life is never the same challenge.  

This is a sample of some of the work I have done.  It is by no means, all of my work. 

These images are for sale.  If you see an image you would like to buy, please note the image # by pressing the quote symbol symbol on the slidshow and which galley you are in.  At this time you will have to email me to get quote and to order, sorry for the innocence. 

I hope you enjoy it!