Photo Browser 2

Photo Browser 2 is a 3D image gallery. Swipe the screen to navigate in the photos or group photos in different ways.
Photos are searched in DCIM and Images folders from each drive. Please allow some time at the first start to scan all images and create thumbnail for them.

Menu opens with bottom right button. Menu has options to see detail info, exit, rotate left or right, share and delete image.

Top view
Main view has three categories: all photos, albums and months. Click one of them to go to that category.

All photos
App starts in all photos stream showing all photos in chronological order. Select an image and click it to open it to full screen. 

Albums contains every found folder (i.e. album) sorted by time. Click a folder to see photos in that folder.

Month view groups photos by month. Click a folder to see photos in that month.

Full screen
Double tap the screen to zoom in or press long to use the magnifying glass.