Spy phone software shopping? If you’re in the market for spy phone software (otherwise called cell phone monitoring software), it’s now more important than ever that you do your research before you click the BUY button. I’ve been writing about the spy phone industry for 5+ years and I’ve never seen so many different spy phone software vendors as I’m seeing today.

The problem is that its getting harder to separate the spy phone scams from the real products that actually work. Moreover, a lot of the new players entering the scene are simply not prepared to handle a large influx of customers. They have no idea what impact hundreds or thousands of customers accessing their logs will have on their servers, they don’t have a proper customer support team in place to help customers with installation or usage questions, and most importantly, a lot of the vendors I’m seeing entering the scene are still trying to sell old technology that simply does NOT work! (such as using Bluetooth to monitor a phone)

Bottom line, be very careful when you’re out shopping for spy phone software. Here are a 5 tips to keep in mind when out shopping for spy phone software.

1) Make sure the company has a solid support team. Send them some questions before you buy to test them out. If they take more than a day or two to get back to you, then you might want to think of choosing another vendor. One reason why I recommend Mobile Spy so much is they are one of the very few spy phone vendors that have a LIVE customer support team that you can call. This is huge if you run into problems.

2) Ask about their refund policy. Regardless how hard various companies try to get their products to work on multiple phones, there will still be situations where you just cant get the spy phone software to work. It could be a network issue, firmware version, or a number of other reasons, so make sure the company you are buying from has a solid money back guarantee.

3) Check on phone compatibility. Another problem I’m seeing with a lot of the newer vendors is they are advertising how their products will work on ANY phone. Now this is never going to be true. A good spy phone vendor will list all the phones that are support INCLUDING the firmware version. For example, if you plan to monitor an iPhone, does the spy phone vendor support OS v5.1? You need to verify phone compatability and if the vendor is not sure or is not informing you which version is supported, move on!

4) Know what you’re getting.  Make sure you know what features you are getting. A lot of the companies entering the scene are advertising all their features on their sales page, but failing to specify that certain phones don’t support all features. For example, you’ll see some sites promote that their spy phone apps enable you to monitor WhatsApp Messenger, but don’t tell you that this feature only works when installed on an iPhone. Another example is when companies advertise call recording features but fail to mention that they won’t work on any phone running on a CDMA network such as Verizon.  Bottom line, make sure you double and triple check exactly what features will work on the phone you plan to monitor — including the network the phone will be on! If the spy phone vendor can’t give you a clear answer, then move on.

5) Don’t believe the hype! If you come across a spy phone vendor offering features you are not seeing anywhere else, you need to be cautious.  Most of the spy phone scams I’ve seen bait people into buying their software by advertising features that people want, but are not available on any of the legitimate spy phone software apps.  Things like remote installation, installing the software on your phone instead of the target phone, and using bluetooth as a way to monitor a phone are common scams going around.

In summary, buying spy phone software is not as easy and straight forward as it was in the past. There are a lot of new spy phone vendors entering the scene. Some are really good, some are really bad, and there are a lot of spy phone apps in the middle.  Now throw in a few of the spy phone scam going around and it’s getting harder and harder to buy the right one.  Hopefully these buying tips will help you navigate the waters a bit. Good luck!