Phonesheriff Review

The technological growth has brought in immense pleasure to all those who use it in an appropriate way. When you say technology, it has manifold arms. Among all, the communication sector has pervaded in every nook and corner of the world. It has established its strong base in domestic as well as commercial quarters. One of its ground breaking inventions is cell phones. Though people of different age groups are benefiting from the usage of cell phones, there are people who suffer with its misuse. The sufferers generally point to parents of gullible children, clueless employers and spouses. To evade all their concerns cell phone monitoring applications have sprung up in the market with an exclusive niche. Phonesheriff is one such novel cell phone monitoring app that has trustable parental control features and monitoring aptitude.
About Phonesheriff

The BBB accredited Phonesheriff is a product of Retina X Studios, which is into the business of providing monitoring solutions for computer, cell phone and tablet. Phonesheriff has earned a global merit by setting up the first ever monitoring software for iPhone, Windows and Android Smartphones. Phonesheriff’s apps have gained a huge media awareness from radio bases, websites and magazines worldwide. Phonesheriff is all set to assist its customers in the event of software failure which is rare and serve up to their satisfaction or even refund if preferred. Phonesheriff strives to withhold its customers’ interest with four promising services.

Toll free Phone support (US based): Subscribers can connect to their toll free phone support for any qualms and queries related to software working. A team of representatives is specifically geared for this purpose.
Secure Control Panel: Using inappropriate apps might put your sensitive data into the risk of revelation. Nevertheless, Phonesheriff’s control panel is completely reliable and secure.

Reliable Software: Phonesheriff has been highly reliable since its inception in 2003. The BBB accreditation vouches for its professional grade and reliability.

No veiled SMS forwarding rates: Certain other apps forward SMS messages leaving traces as well as charge for the messages sent. Phonesheriff uses GPRS for uploading the data and so entails no trails or hidden rates.

Phonesheriff as a parental control app

Phonesheriff incorporates brilliant parental control features, if you want to track the whereabouts of your children and have power over them. Children sometimes tend to lie about their current locations and conceal their indulgence to parents. As a parent you will be more concerned about your child’s wellbeing. Making using of Phonesheriff cell phone monitoring app you can track your child’s cell phone activities keeping away the guilt that you are spying him or her. Yes, you can do it in a secretive manner without giving an iota of doubt to your child. As the adage reads, Prevention is better than cure, you can avert major miseries in your child’s life using Phonesheriff cell phone monitoring app.

Once you purchase the app you can install it into the smartphone of your child and start recording the activities instantly. After the successful installation you will gain access to limit the phone usage, websites and the duration. Besides, the software also records the incoming and outgoing calls, text messages shared and GPS locations. You can view all the recorded data either using your device or by logging into the secure online account which was set up during the purchase of the software. The recorded logs are categorized appropriately for an easy viewing.  

Parental Control Features

The parental control features of Phonesheriff greatly help parents to keep an eye on their children and eavesdrop on their calls. The spying job is simplified to a great extent juxtaposing certain impressive features. All these features are unique in the way of operating and perform clandestinely.  The target phone user gets no clue of the software working in the background. Phonesheriff’s parental control features include – SMS/Call barring, Limiting Time, Web/App barring and Content Monitoring.

Call and SMS filtering: The feature enables barring of incoming and outgoing calls as well as text messages. The parents can also bar calls from/to a specific number.

Set up time limitations: Using this feature, parents can block the usage of cell phones during certain time periods. Parents can also restrict the time limit for a specific number.

App and Web barring: Using this feature, parents can completely block the usage of browser or bar specific web addresses. App disabling and blocking of certain phone functions are also possible with this feature.

Recording of SMS, Call and GPS locations: The calls made and received can be recorded using this feature and so as the SMS messages. GPS locations are clearly recorded by the app. The recorded logs can be viewed through secure online account or in the device itself.

Remote Access: This one feature is very useful for parents when they

remain clueless about their children’s whereabouts or the target phone is lost. With this feature on, parents receive instant updates of the GPS locations. They can also lock or unlock the device remotely to avert any unsolicited use. If the SIM is changed, the parent receives an alert message intimidating the same.
All time/Anywhere access: Parents can view the logs at all times and from any location. They can avail the information of any activity in real time. The GPS details are updated every 30 minutes which the parents can view with maps showing clear locations.

Final Words

With all these caring features, no doubt, Phonesheriff serves as a comprehensive parental control application. Besides, it also helps to check cheating spouses and employees. The concerned employers can monitor the smartphone usage of their employees and safeguard their valuable business information from falling into wrong hands as well as avert the chances of low productivity. Likewise apprehensive spouses can keep track of their partners and get to know the truth if they are cheating. The latest version of Phonesheriff also enables monitoring and restricting of activities carried over in Apple iPads or Android based tablets. To have a close look on how it operates, you can visit the official site of Phonesheriff and view the online demo.