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Hello Everyone,

I’m Carla – A family History Writer, Recorder and Photo Archivist

These pages should reflect what I do for fun and work – All at the same




 Paws! What are the kitty's doing this week?






 Our Family Pages

Want to see if our family names match?

Go here to have a look.

Dad's military days in Cold War Europe are here too!


Family Photos

We're trying to find out, Who's Who.

Want to have a look?

My Resume 

Everything you never wanted to know about 'me' 


An Ordinary Woman in Extraordinary Circumstances  

My Grandmother Effie Bro McNutt Espinosa lived through some tough



Pictures of Mom 

This is a short photo biography of my mother, Judy Bolan Heimrich.

She was a medical professional, artist, writer, teacher and all around good   



I Met My Father Today 

He was gone for 27 years.  Then one day he came back into my life... 


Dad's Air Force service during the Cold War