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 PhoneFinder  for Pocket PC Windows Mobile

Protect your investment with PhoneFinder for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. PhoneFinder  is the perfect solution for protecting and finding your lost   PDA.


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  •  Pocket PC 2003
  •  Windows Mobile 5

Product highlights:


  • Built in theft protection:

          Somebody stole your Windows Mobile PDA ? Next time the thief inserts a new SIM Card
          Phonefinder will automatically send an emergency SMS to a configured telephone number.

  • Can't find your mobile because it's in silent mode ? 

          Did you put your PDA in silent Mode and can't locate it anymore ? Maybe its in the closet, under your
          bed or in  your car between the seats.  But you can't locate it because the ring tone is silent.
          With Phonefinder you can activate the loudest ring tone on your Windows Mobile PDA via SMS.

  •   Still can't find your  Windows Mobile PDA ?
           PhoneFinder will respond to your SMS command with a confimation SMS that contains the id of
           the    nearest GSM tower(*). 
           With this information you will know if you forgot your Windows Mobile PDA at home , 
           in your office  or maybe in the gym.  
  • Maybe you forgot your mobile in a very important meeting and can't go back in ?

          Have you thought about how embarrassing it would be if someone calls you and you    can't go back   into    the meeting to mute your mobile ?
          With Phonefinder you can remotely Mute your phone via SMS 

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(*) GSM Tower Information : the accuaracy of this information can vary between the different mobile providers and cellular phones. It might not be available for some providers.