The Perfect Comptuer
How to keep you computer free of spyware, viruses and running great. All for free!

Well, thanks to Google for this free web page. More on Google later; I plan on adding a page just for them. Also, thanks to all those free programs (and information) that I have been using for years. Now it's time to return the favor.

A must have is a virus scanner. I use AVG. Excellent program; never had any issues with it. You must update the virus database occasionally, but that is easy.

In fact, most of the programs here require occasional updates.

Next, the firewall that I use is Zone Alarm. It's easy to use. The only issue is a recient one where they began scanning emails, and I already was using AVG. Turn off that feature if you have to, but it seems they may have fixed that. I can write more details once I get this whole website up.

After that a great preventative ActiveX program is Spyware Blaster. Excellent setup and ease of use. Updates are manual, easy and you can do them once a month or so.

Now two great programs that find and remove spyware are: Spybot Search and Distroy and Ad-Aware. I would download Ad-Aware at  . is an excellent site for free and great programs, that are also spyware free. I would run both now and then.

Finally, to stop those popup windows and get a great search window use Google's Tool BarIt has other cool features. A must too.

I like WinPatrol that monitors your computer. It seems to have one of the best notifications as far as changes go. There are also other things it displays about your computer such as startup programs etc.

Also just included in windows is msconfig.

There are move advanced programs available that also can be used for troubleshooting also, but I will list those later.

Now that your computer is cleaned up, test it with a great website. Also, if you want you can test the speed of your computer's downloads and uploads at

Speaking of cleanup, try CCleaner. 

And now you can also defrag your drive, if you want.

Now we can get more into fun and useful stuff that also protects passwords and data.

RoboForm holds my passwords. I have it on a U3 drive. It is GREAT and (the desktop trial one) can be found here:  .

So, want to keep stuff secure under lock and key? Try TrueCrypt.

Now, you have to back it up, right? Well, if you like what you have so far, let me know and I will referral you to a great backup online solution. I get a credit for each refreal, so I could use a few, please. I will publish it's name in a month, as it rocks also.

So, don't have the money for MS Word or Excel? Try these free word and spreadsheet programs.  

The hardest task (on an established computer), is creating non-admin users. There is a whole website dedicated to it.  Basically, you want to surf the net with a user that can't install any programs.




Steven has been an engineer and programmer for years. Email questions, comments or suggestions to this account: phoenixspyware . I would be gald to help.

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