Free, high-quality panoramic sceneries intended for use with the PhoenixRC model flight sim.

These scenes have been converted from Harald Bendschneider's excellent Heli-X sceneries. I did not take the panoramic photos used, I merely imported them into the PhoenixCreator tool and added the geometry information (water, buildings, trees, etc) necessary for Phoenix to work.

Scenes are provided for free, and as-is. These are not official PhoenixRC flying sites. They are created for use with V2.00n and up

Do not contact Phoenix Support for issues related directly to these scenes. 

If you have any feedback positive or negative, please feel free to contact me at this email address. 

All panoramic photos used remain the copyright of their noted photographers and are used with their consent. The End-User License Agreement terms are available for viewing before downloading if you wish.

Each scene is available for download separately as a self-extracting RAR file below. Each file is ~10MB. The installer will automatically extract the files to C:/Documents and Settings/<USERNAME>/My Documents/PhoenixRC/Flying Sites/<SITENAME>

News August 26th, 2011: New Download Links Provided. 

News August 5th, 2014: New Download Links Provided. Ads removed.

Download The Scenes Below:

Notes on downloading:

  • Files are self-extracting EXEs hosted by Dropbox

 Wohngebiet (Residential)

Download via DropBox

Bootssteg (Docks)

Download via DropBox

Stormarnhalle in Ahrensburg

Download via DropBox


Download via DropBox


Download via DropBox


Download via DropBox

Australian Sportsfield

Download via DropBox

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