MX0PHX WSPR Spots News & Comments

12 September - OCFD antenna overhauled and WSPRLite now back on 20m.
5 - 10 September  - Off air
27 August - 12 stations in the UK reported MX0PHX indicating 'short skip' conditions on 20m. This developed during the day into short skip on 17m & 15m as well as 20m.

21 - 26 August - 409 spots on the 20m band showing clear diurnal changes in propagation consistent with sun position. Our OCFD antenna is showing good all round pattern and is much better than the W3EDP used initially. Thanks to all RX Stations.

WSPR - Weak Signal Propagation Reporting

Latest spots - 14 September 10-13 UTC

from DXplorer SB

MX0PHX started WSPR transmissions experimentally on 21 August on the 20m band. At present transmissions are (normally) daily at c.10 minute intervals, and usually between 10 & 22 hours UTC, but there may be breaks for fine adjustments, etc.

The WSPR station is currently limited to transmissions; receive capability on 40m and 20m will be added once initial tests have been completed. More detailed schedules will be published here when set-up and testing is complete, and these may include a periodic switch-over to MX0YHA.

Station details

Call sign MX0PHX

Location 12km south of Nottingham, England
IARU Locator IO92KU
National Grid Reference SK 584 301 (WAB SK53)
Post Code  NG11 6QE
WSPR transmitter  WSPRLite (Sotabeams)
Operating as a standalone unit (i.e. not connected to a PC).
Output power 200mW
Antenna (TX) OCFD at 13m agl (elevation 37m asl. in flat, open rural environs), orientation exactly N-S.
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