Tempus Romanus MMXVIII

The Romans knew about festivals - they had lots of genuinely Roman ones and as their empire grew they also adopted the festivals and gods of their conquests. Often it was just an excuse for a booze-up or barbecue - please feel free to celebrate in any ways that please you.

During 2018 we hope to commemorate some of these as extra days alongside the Tempus Fugit programme if the gods Iono and Propo appreciate our sacrifices . . . But this will be subject to conditions 

Of course, there are major inconsistencies when relating Roman dates to modern ones,
so these dates are all approximate - it didn't really matter to the Romans.

Roman Festivals Dates Celebrating

Carmentalia 11 & 15 January Goddess Carmenta
Sementivae 24 January & 2 February Sowing seeds
Parentalia 13 February Ancestors
Lupercalia 15 February Purification
Quirinalia 17 February God(s) of the Roman foundation myth
Caristia 22 February Family Day
Feralia 22 February Spirits of the Dead
Regifugium 24 February Anything historic
New Year 1 March Three months late
Matronalia 1 March Mothers' Day
Equirria 14 March Chariot racing
Bacchanalia 15 March Get Drunk Day
Agonalia 17 March Janus - rather late
Liberalia 17 March Maturity (male)
Quinquatria 19 March Goddess Minerva
Hilaria 22nd March Cheerful
Salus 30 March Goddess of safety & well-being
Veneralia 1 April God Venus
Ludi Ceriales 12 April Games in honour of the grain goddess
Fordicia 15 April Fertility and motor cars
Parilia 21 April Cleansing sheep & shepherds
Robigalia 25 April God Robigus; sacrifice a dog to protect grain
Floralia 28 April - 1 May
Goddess Flora (ancient May Day)
Bona Dea 1 May Good goddess(es)
Feast of the Larvae 9 May Exorcise ghosts
Mercuralia 15 May God Mecrury
Vediovis 21 May God of the Roman foundation myth
Bellona 3 June Goddess of war & helmets
Vestalia 7 June Goddess of the hearth
Quinquatarus minusculae 13 June Lesser festival celebrating Minerva
Summanus 20 June God of nocturnal thunder
Day bad omens 23 June Stay in bed day?
Poplifugia 5 July ?The people's flight
Ludi Apollinares 6 July Apollo's games
Nonae Caprotinea Juno 7 July Goddess Juno - womens' day
Caprotinia 9 July Festival 'in favour of the female slaves'
Day bad omens 18 July Stay in bed day?
Lucaria 19 July Festival of the grove
Neptunalia 23 July God Neptune
Furinalia 25 July Goddess Furrina
Opalia 10 August Gods of plenty
Vertumnalia 13 August Vertumnus, god of seasons, change & growth
Nemoralia 13 August Festival of Torches
Portunalia 17 August Portunes, god of keys, doors and livestock
Vinialia Rustica 19 August Wine fest
Consualia 21 August Consus, god of harvest
Vulcanalia 21 August God Vulcan
Mundus 24 August Gate to the underworld
Opiconsivia 25 August Opis, goddess of plenty
Volturnalia 27 August Volturnus – god of the waters
Septimontium 1 September Festival of the Seven Hills
Ludi Romani 4 September Roman games
Leiunium Cereris 4 October Harvest festival
Mundus 5 October Gate to the underworld
Day bad omens 6 October Stay in bed day?
Meditrinalia 11 October New wine
Fontus 13 October God of wells & springs
Equirria 15 October Chariot racing
Armilustrium 19 October God Mars (and purifying weapons)
Pomona 1 November Goddess of abundance
Ludi Plebeii 4 November Plebs games
Epulum Jovis 13 November Feast of Jove (Jupiter)
Feronia 15 November Goddess of wildlife, fertility, health
Bona Dea 4 December Good Goddesses day
Faunalia 5 December Faunus - horned god of forest, plains & fields
Consualia 15 December Consus, god of harvest
Saturnalia 17 December God Saturn
Eponalia 18 December Divine mare
Opalia 19 December Plenty - even more of it . . .
Divalia 21 December Goddess Angerona
Dies Natalis Invicti Solis 25 December Birthday of the Unconquered Sun
Brumalia 25 December Party time (esp. in Birmingham)

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